Choosing the Best Replacement Parts for Your AirVac

AirVac VM502 Central Vacuums BagsA central vacuuming unit is one of the most convenient improvements that you can make in your home. Providing strong suction and cleaning ability to all of the rooms in your house, if you’ve installed an AirVac then you’ve probably also come to the conclusion that you can’t live without one!

Standard vacuum cleaners last a few years before they need to be repaired, however, considering the cost and disposal of most normal vacuums, people choose to just replace them. With an AirVac you’ve got a real investment that can be modified, repaired, and it will last the lifetime of your home… just as long as you know where to get the right replacement parts.

Sadly, AirVac no longer makes units for installation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get parts for your existing one. At Think Vacuums, we know just how important it is to have a functional vacuum in your home, and that’s why we stock a complete range of the highest quality AirVac central vacuum parts.

Here are some of the best ones that you can buy today.


Replacement Power Units

Drainvac Central Vacuum SystemThe key to your whole system. The power unit is where all of the magic happens. Providing suction power for your entire system, a faulty unit could mean low suction, intermittent performance, or a failed part could mean that you have no vacuum power at all.

We provide DrainVac units which we believe to be the best replacements for older AirVac models. DrainVac units can perform both wet and dry cleaning, and there’s a range of different sizes and designs to meet your needs. We even offer special systems for collecting pet hair if you run a clinic, daycare, or grooming business. Options range from the affordable Little Giant Central System, right up to our largest DrainVac Wet & Dry Central Vacuum Systems.

You don’t need to go back to a standard vacuum system when your AirVac stops working. Trust the team at Think Vacuums to offer modern replacements that outperform the originals.


Motor Replacements

Central Vacuum MotorIn some cases, we can provide a replacement motor for your unit. This can be more cost-effective than buying a whole new unit, however, it is our least recommended option.

A new motor will get you back up and run again, but with an Older AirVac system, there could be other components that are near the point of failure. Even if you purchase a compatible replacement motor today, then you could find yourself looking for more parts in the near future. Spending a little more to get a complete replacement power unit will give you peace of mind, and a much longer service life with a full warranty on all of the parts.

AirVac Attachment Kits

Attachment Kits For AirvacEven high-quality AirVac attachment kits can fail eventually, which is why we stock a complete range of compatible kits made by the best OEM companies in the world. Some options like the Estate Central Vacuum Combo Kit are made in Germany to the highest standards, offering hose, wand, and vacuum head attachments that make cleaning simple in your home. There are different options depending on the type of floors that you are cleaning, and you will find that our complete range of AirVac attachment kits will take care of any of your cleaning needs, whether they are big or small.

If you don’t need a complete kit and only need to replace specific parts, then we can offer individual hoses, air driven PowerHeads, wands, and all pipes and fittings to get your system back into top condition. We also sell the essentials like AirVac bags and filters.

We even offer hardware like wall inlets so that you can maintain or even expand your central AirVac system.


Keep Your Home Comfortable and Convenient With AirVac Central Vacuum Parts

Although AirVac no longer makes the systems that we’ve come to love, there are plenty of compelling and even superior systems now available on the market. We offer everything that you need to get a system back up and running, with interchangeable AirVac central vacuum parts and accessories that allow you to get the maximum life out of your investment.