Buy Your New Vacuum Cleaner Now at Sale Prices

Everyone likes to get a bargain this time of year when the holidays make the winter months expensive. Leading dealers are offering name brand vacuums on sale for a limited time. Why not take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get your house cleaner than ever? You can do this with a new upright or canister vacuum.

Start the new year out right with a powerful and efficient vacuum that is easy to use and maintain. Three favorite brands of upright cleaners are Sebo, Maytag, and Miele. Although other brands do an excellent job, these three are highly efficient and are on sale now.

SEBO Upright Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO SEBO is the largest manufacturer of quality vacuum cleaners in the world. All models are made to provide homeowners:

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Consistent cleaning
  • High HEPA filtration
  • Bag-full indicators

They are also known for their motor safety shut-off and automatic cord rewind. SEBO vacuums are designed to clean around and under furniture easily. Additionally, most models have a bumper feature to safeguard walls and furniture from dents and scrapes. 

Maytag Everyone has heard of Maytag’s washing machine reputation. You get the same high-quality performance and durability with their vacuums. They are designed to provide superior cleaning for floors, furniture, stairs, blinds, and ceiling fans. They are ideal for cleaning up pet hair, dust, dirt, and allergens.

Maytag vacuums have two motors to provide continuous suction power on any type of floor. This brand features a patented MO2OR dual intake system for the highest cleaning efficiency.

Buy one of these models while they are on sale and look forward to vacuuming.

Miele Miele is one of the leading vacuum brands in the world. You will find a variety of models, special features, tools, and accessories. These vacuums provide ideal airflow from the time you turn them on until the time you turn them off. They offer these high-quality tools:

  • Durable hoses
  • Strong floor brushes
  • Flexible wands
  • Belts, bags, and filters

Miele brand cleaners come in both upright and canister models.

Now that you know more about these three outstanding brands check our website for the various models. There is a vacuum to meet the needs of every size home. Don’t forget to talk to one of our experts about tools and accessories for the specific cleaning jobs around your house.  

How to Plan for Your Vacuuming Needs

Everyone needs a good vacuum cleaner that is versatile, easy to use, and powerful for all household cleaning needs. If you are currently in the market, think about the following ideas:

  • Will my vacuum be used to clean more than one type of flooring material?
  • How often will I vacuum – Bi-weekly, weekly, monthly – or as needed?
  • Should I be concerned about my family member’s allergies?
  • How much can I afford to pay for a leading brand and model?
  • Do I have unique personal needs that must be considered?
  • What all will I clean and do I need a quiet vacuum cleaner?

Answering these questions for yourself and others who live in your household will narrow the selection and serve as a useful guide. If you need assistance, be sure to talk to one of our vacuum experts. 

If you want a durable and powerful cleaner, don’t buy one of those cheap models shown on TV commercials. They won’t do a good job, and they don’t have a long life because they are not made to stand up to heavy use. 

Why You Should Order Your New Vacuum from Think

We have been a leading vacuum dealer long enough to know the vacuum industry inside and out. Our list of customers number in the thousands and we want you to be one of them. We offer anything your home needs in the way of cleaning including:

An extensive line of high-quality vacuums, parts, tools, and accessories

  • Solid product warranties, competitive prices, and expert advice
  • Free shipping on all orders more than $70
  • Our team listens to your needs and processes your order promptly

Don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation with one of our vacuum cleaner advisers. We stand behind everything we sell and can give you confidence in buying from us. Sales & Specials

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