Don't Forget these Central Vacuum Accessories!

Vacuum CleanerCentral vacuums are often forgotten in today’s age of fast-paced media and news constantly being updated every second of the day. With the winter season finally, here more people are going to be inside enjoying the warmth and sipping hot cocoa while enjoying a favorite TV show or playing video games. When everyone is indoors though dust and debris can start to buildup lowering the air quality of the home and being a risk to their health.

Central vacuum units are an ideal option as a way to help improve the air quality in the home while also cutting down on the dust and debris floating around. These are powerful units that are a permanent fixture in the home that is typically located in a storage room, basement, or a garage and have a collection container.

Next, inlets are then installed throughout the walls of the building and are attached to a power hose and other accessories that can be used to remove small debris, dust, and particles in interior rooms. This makes it easy to clean out each room thoroughly and prevents the need for carrying a unit throughout the building to clean each room separately.

Accessories for Every Cleaning Project

Vacuum CleanerAirVac Central Vacuums are an excellent investment for buildings and residences where cleaning is a constant necessity, but it’s a hassle to carry around one separate unit. Commercial vacuums can tend to break down after just a few years of use, be a hassle to store, and when they break down the owner is left with buying a new one.

Central vacuums offer the best of both worlds by providing an easy way for people to invest in accessories for them and make it easier to clean out a building. There are accessories available for almost every major cleaning project from electric powerheads to attachment kits, you’ll be sure to find what you need.

The accessories we have available do vary, but we are more than happy to help customers find what they’re looking for. We have accessories available to make using AirVac Central Vacuums easier like filters, bags, inlets, and hoses. Bags, in particular, are important to keep on hand when cleaning dirt and debris can spread so easily and get into every small corner of a room. Bagless vacuums have been a popular choice in the past for people since they feel it’s a good way to save on having to buy more each year. The truth is with bagless vacuums you’re more exposed to the dirt and debris that is collected and have to go through a whole process to dispose of the mess each time you’re done the cleaning. With a bag, you can simply take all the debris out at once and throw it away without ever having to touch it in the first place.

The other important point of AirVac Vacuum Accessories is to replace the filter regularly when your old one becomes clogged. The filter is meant to catch the majority of the dust being sucked up so it won’t make its way back into the building during cleaning. Each time you vacuum, you’re making the air just a little bit cleaner since all the dust is getting trapped inside the filter instead of being forced back out into the room.

The right accessories and tools are for a vacuum cleaner can make all the difference when it comes to cleaning. Hoses make it easier to get to hard to reach places and tools make it a breeze to get into tight corners where normally it would be difficult to reach. When you’re bent on making a room spotless, these tools and accessories become a necessity to get the job done. We are always more than happy to help customers find any accessories they need for their vacuums and are eager to offer our assistance.