A Central Vacuum is Like Having a Home Cleaning Service Without the Cost

Running a household can be a time-consuming task. If you work full time, then it’s easy to get behind on your household chores. Before you know it, the work piles up, and getting your home presentable can become overwhelming. Many of today’s busiest families take advantage of home cleaning services to maintain their floors and carpets.

While a home cleaning service can offer convenience, it also comes at great cost. Not to mention – are you really comfortable with strangers cleaning your home?

If you want a better way to clean, that is both convenient and cost-effective, then you could consider investing in a central vacuum system. A quality vacuum will cut down your cleaning time and give you the freedom to spotlessly clean your floors, whether they are carpets, tiles, or even polished hardwood floors.

How do Central Vacuum Systems Make Home Cleaning Easier?

Central VacuumThere are some significant benefits to installing a central vacuum in your home.

  • Central systems are more convenient for providing quick and easy access to every room.

  • You won’t have to drag a vacuum cleaner behind you, making the task easier.

  • Central systems are more powerful and efficient when compared to upright or canister vacuums.

  • You can exchange nozzles and heads to clean any surface and even your upholstery.

  • Central vacuums are more hygienic.

  • An investment in a central vacuum is more convenient than a maid service in the long-term.

With a central system, you won’t be inconvenienced when cleaning your home. Because central vacuums are more powerful than regular vacuums, you’ll be able to get through every room, quickly and easily. What might usually take hours with a standard system could be completed in less than an hour when you use a central unit. With the large capacity of a main central unit, you won’t be constantly emptying bags and canisters, and there are even wet and dry systems so that you can remove stains from carpets and furniture upholstery.

A central vacuum is like having all the tools of a professional cleaning service, without the ongoing cost or anxiety of letting strangers into your home. You’ll find that it becomes easier to maintain your home, leaving more time to spend with family and doing the things that you love.

With advantages like these, you’ll probably want to start comparing some of the best central vacuums on the market. With Think Vacuums, you can find the very best units, ranging from the most affordable, to high-end wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

How Big is Your Home?

The size of your home will make a difference when you are comparing different central vacuum systems. For a small home that is 3,5000 sq. ft. or under, you could consider a vacuum of around 670 Airwatts. Dust storage size will typically range between four and nine gallons. The DrainVac Little Giant Central Vacuum System is highly recommended. This system runs quietly, can be used bagless or with disposable bags, and features an efficient filtration system to prevent dirty air from reentering your home.

For more power in a larger home, you could consider the DrainVac Powerhouse Central Vacuum System. This can provide all the power that you need for a home up to 6,500 sq. ft.

If you have a large home to clean and still want the convenience of a central vacuum, then consider the DrainVac Twin Turbo System. With more than 1340 Airwatts of power, this system can easily take care of your cleaning needs in a home up to 15,000 sq. ft. It could even be used on a commercial site for easy office or retail space cleaning.

Choose from the Best Central Vacuum Brands Today

Make home cleaning easier, more convenient, and never worry about hiring an expensive maid cleaning service again. An investment in a central vacuum is one that you won’t regret.

DrainVac is just one of the leading central vacuum brands that we carry, and we have other options from top companies like Electrolux, DuoVac, NuTone, and Honeywell. Explore our complete range to find the perfect vacuum for your home.