Central Vacuum vs. Traditional Household Vacuum

Spring is in full swing and it’s that time of the year to get some cleaning done whether you’re looking to completely conquer the dust bunnies for the year or you’re more inclined to vacuum as you go. Vacuums are notoriously one of the best inventions to hit the market making them a great tool for cleaning up dust and debris that has a tendency to collect in the farthest reaches of the corners of the home. There is a debate often whether a traditional vacuum over a central unit is better to invest in for people who like to keep their homes clean.

Traditional Household Vacuum

Central VacuumThe traditional vacuums most people are familiar with are the portable ones they see usually lined up at the store ranging from ones that use classic cleaning bags to store dirt to others that use filters and need to be emptied after each cleaning. It’s a tough choice for people, but it boils down to convenience and portability since these vacuums can be moved from one room to another.

The traditional vacuum isn’t a bad choice, especially for people who move frequently or need something they can carry out to their garage to clean out their car. They’re handy devices, but on the flip side they also lack the power of a central unit since they don’t have the suction power to pull out built in dust or debris that tends to build up. They’re excellent for cleaning up small spaces in a snap, but if it’s for an entire household they can wear out after just a few years of heavy use.

Central Vacuum Unit

Central vacuums are a bit different though since unlike their traditional counterparts, they’re built directly into the home which gives them several advantages. The first being in power since they have a higher suction then their smaller counterparts which enables them to clean up even the toughest of messes. People who deal with a busy household like family members coming in and out, frequent visitors, and who even have four-legged family members will find these built-in units are great.

The central unit is able to handle heavy loads of dust and debris making it a pinch to clean up tough messes. Being built right into the home you have access to the unit to just about every room in the house so you don’t have to lug around a handheld vacuum cleaner to do your spring cleaning. It makes cleaning ten times easier and you don’t have to worry about emptying the unit out each time you’re done cleaning since it has a bigger carrying capacity than the traditional units.

Which Vacuum is Better?

Central VacuumThe question of whether one vacuum cleaner is better then the other boils down to the type of cleaning habits and needs you have. Traditional units are useful for dealing with confined spaces since they’re easier to maneuver and some even come with handheld devices that you can take off and use to clean underneath a bed or a shelf. Taking one outside to clean up any crumbs or other debris for the car is also handy and they can be easy to store if you have a closet or corner to place them when not in use.

Central units, on the other hand, are ideal for people with large homes and who like to keep the house clean but don’t want to drag around a unit from floor to floor. These have been used in more than just households, but also large buildings to make it easier to clean each floor.

The type of vacuum cleaner you choose should fulfill your cleaning needs and be a dependable unit that can get the job done right. Either way, one is meant more for portability and the other for power, so as long as it fits your needs you can’t go wrong.