Central Vacuums: Changing Your Relationship with Pet Hair 

Most household pets are cats and dogs. According to Psychology Today, there are 86 million cats and 78 million dogs in American homes. While they bring joy to their owners who consider them part of the family, they also make their presence known in several ways such as meowing, barking, needing food and water, and leaving pet hair on the furniture and floors.

If you own one or more pets, you may be looking for the most effective way to clean pet hair and dander. Inexpensive vacuum cleaners are just not efficient enough to pick up all of it. Perhaps you have moved up to a higher-quality upright vacuum. Typically, they will do a better job, but they still don’t have the suction power of a central vacuum cleaner.  

Those homeowners who already have a central vacuum system love them and know how easy it is to clean up hair and dander left behind by their pets. Friends and family who don’t have them will tell you that ridding their house of pet hair is a lot of work. They must go over the same areas multiple times to pick it all up. If you are tired of fighting with pet hair, it’s time to address your dilemma with a new, efficient central vacuum. 

The Benefits of Central Vacuum Cleaners vs. Traditional Upright Models

Before you purchase a new vacuum, you should know the benefits of this powerful appliance.

  • They have more suction power than upright and canister models.
  • Central vacuums are easier to use than conventional cleaners.
  • Operation is much quieter because the motor is in another room.
  • Central vacuums are easy to install in any home.
  • They are lightweight and improve your air quality.
  • In addition, central vacuum cleaners strong and durable construction will outlast several upright models. Emptying the vacuum is fast and easy and does not leave dust inside the house.

A central vacuum cleaner takes the place of multiple portable models because it is a whole-house cleaning system. You cause less stress on your body vacuuming the pet hair because you don’t push a heavy vacuum unit from one room to another. You will notice the difference after cleaning the house the first time you use it. They have the bonus of going under furniture easier and farther than conventional vacuums.

Dirt, Dust, and Pet Hair Are No Match for the Power of a Central Vacuum

Using a central vacuum is easy and convenient. Simply bring the hose, wand, and attachment out of storage, connect the hose to a wall outlet, and add the tool or attachment to the other end of the hose. Turn on the machine and start cleaning your floors, upholstery, blinds, and stairs. You will notice the difference right away compared to your old upright cleaner. 

If your main concern is removing pet hair and dander go slowly across floors and furniture. One slow swipe is more effective than a couple of fast ones. Use objects in a room to line up your cleaning path to ensure you don’t skip any areas. If any space seems particularly dirty, move the wand head in two directions that cross each other at a ninety-degree angle. Don’t forget to go under chairs, couches, coffee tables, and other furniture where pet hair and dander can hide. 

When you finish cleaning in one room, disconnect the hose from the wall outlet, move to another room and repeat the process. Make sure that you purchase a hose that is long enough to reach across the entire room. If you already own a central vacuum with a short hose that is not meeting your needs, you can always order a longer one. Additionally, choosing a longer hose may eliminate the need to install a wall hookup in a small room if the hose reaches from other areas.

The Most Highly Recommended Central Vacuums for Pet Owners 

People who own central vacuums have their opinions on brands and models that work best. We have been in the business long enough to know which ones stand up to the test of time. Here are three durable, efficient, and cost-effective models we recommend for pet owners.

PURVAC Benefits

  • High suction power
  • Easy to Install and use
  • Activac 3™ filter muffler
  • HEPA filtration system     

DUOVAC Benefits

  • Superior performance
  • Excellent design
  • Advanced filtration
  • Cleans air effectively


  • Improved performance
  • Advanced electronics
  • Super suction power

Shop Online to Find the Perfect Central Vacuum That Makes Cleaning Up After Your Pets a Breeze

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