Central Vacuums: Where Does it All Go?

If you’re looking for an efficient and powerful vacuum for your home, then choosing to install a central vacuum system would be the best solution. Central vacuums offer benefits of convenience, longevity, and high performance. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who have no experience with central systems, and you may be one of them.
To make the right decision, you’ll need to know exactly what central systems are, how they work, and the benefits that they can provide.
Here’s our complete crash-course guide to understanding central vacuums.

Central Vacuums Defined

Central VacuumA central vacuum is a special type of cleaning appliance that is installed in a single location of your home (usually the garage, basement, or a storage room), and then connected throughout the house through a series of ports. Dirt and debris are collected and sent to a single location, making a system easier and more convenient to use. Standard hose and wand attachments are used at intake ports throughout the home, and most systems use proprietary connectors.
Central vacuum systems are typically used in larger homes, as the installation cost is often not practical for small apartments, condominiums, or otherwise small dwellings. Systems can also be installed in commercial and industrial locations.

Components of a Central Vacuum System Installation

For a central vacuum installation to function correctly, it needs to use all of the right components. When considering where all the dirt and debris goes, understanding the components will be essential.
The standard parts of a central system are as follows:
  • Main Unit: This is the main unit installed in an out of the way place of the home. It should be in a location that is easy to access for the purposes of emptying the vacuum bag or canister (depending on the type of unit.) The main unit contains a motor, filters, and connects to the piping that goes to each port used in the home. Most home users of central vacuums choose the garage for installing the main unit.
  • Pipes/Ducts: PVC pipes are used to connect central vacuum system installations to every port in a home, industrial, or commercial installation. These pipes can be installed in walls, or under floors. Pipes can be retrofitted to homes or installed while a home is being built.
  • Connection Ports: Ports are dual purpose. The main purpose is connecting vacuum attachments to the pipe network, trafficking dust and debris back to the main unit. Ports also carry power and a control relay that turns the main unit off or on. Ports may also be used for a powerhead attachment, depending on the type of unit that is installed.
  • Wands and Accessories: Just like regular vacuums, central vacuum systems can be used with a variety of attachments. Special hoses and nozzles can be used for cleaning furniture and carpets. Brush attachments or powerheads can also be used. Car upholstery attachments are often available, which is why many home users choose to have the main unit installed in a garage with an additional port for car cleaning.

Benefits of Installing a Central Vacuum

Central VacuumThere are several benefits of using central vacuum systems. They are easier to use because you won’t need to drag a heavy vacuum along as you clean. You’ll simply have to take your desired attachment to the room you are cleaning and connect to the nearest port.
Central vacuums are more hygienic because the dust is collected in one place, so there are no microscopic particles released back into your home like there would be with a portable vacuum cleaner.
Central vacuums are also more efficient if you are cleaning a large home or place of business, helping to offset the initial installation costs.
A central vacuum system can be maintained over decades of use, with most components able to be replaced by manufacturer or OEM equivalent parts.

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