Clean Your Home with Ease with a Central Vacuum

Clean Your Home With Ease With A Central VacuumCentral vacuum cleaners are amazing! If you are tired of lugging your old upright or canister vacuum around your home, it’s time to upgrade to something better. Choose a leading brand and model, and clean all your floors, furniture, stairs, blinds, and ceiling fans with ease.

Many homeowners are not aware of the benefits of a central vacuum or its ease of use because central vacuums are not advertised as much portable vacuums like upright and canister models. Those who do hear about them may be under the misconception they are difficult to use and expensive or burdensome to install. This is not true because the pipes are typically placed inside the walls and run through the basement or crawl space to the collection canister. All that you see are the wall outlets for the hose connections. Additionally, a central vacuum is actually easier to use than it’s portable counterparts due to less weight and fewer components to move around. 

Central Vacuum Cleaner Benefits

Few people really like to clean their houses with an upright or canister vacuum. Try a central vacuum, and you will quickly see why thousands of people have made the switch. When you install a central vacuum in your home, you will enjoy all these benefits:

  • No pulling or pushing an awkward vacuum through the house. When you use an upright or canister vacuum, it must be pushed or pulled from room to room. A central vacuum eliminates these motions and keeps you from bumping into furniture, corners, and your feet. There is no getting tangled in the cord that is stretched out across the room.
  • Central vacuums are more powerful and clean better than other types. Central vacuums have stronger motors with more suction power than other types of vacuums. This means they pick up more dirt, debris, and pet dander from your carpets. With a central vacuum, you will appreciate deeper cleaning that keeps your white socks white.
  • Central vacuums clean the air better. Be healthier with a central vacuum cleaner that sends debris and allergens directly to a canister in the basement or garage. Since an upright has less suction power, some of the allergens are recycled back into the room while cleaning. Additionally, central vacuums expel air outside of the house which keeps the inside of your home cleaner. You can actually smell the difference.
  • They are quieter than upright or canister models. A central vacuum has reduced noise during operation because the motor is housed in the basement or garage. This allows other people to enjoy watching TV or listening to music while you work. Those with ringing in the ears will especially approve of a central vacuum. 
  • They are very easy to use and lightweight. This is a blessing for those with back, neck, or joint issues. All you lift and carry is the hose with a lightweight head. Just plug it into a wall outlet and slide the head across the floors with ease. When finished with one area, unplug and move to the next outlet. 
  • Also, it’s easy to replace a tool or accessory for special cleaning or tight spots. No stooping down to change from floor vacuuming to hose vacuuming. Just lift the wand, remove the head, and replace with another tool. You can move across the floor or up the stairs effortlessly with a central vacuum wand.
  • Central vacuums are a smart home investment. Do you want to increase the value of your home? You can do so, by installing a central vacuum cleaner. Central vacuums save money over the years and add value to your property. You should be able to recover the installation and vacuum cost when you sell your home. Additionally, central vacuums are durable and have a long life.

Get Your Central Vacuum From A Trusted Dealer

Central Vacuum Cleaners Enjoy a Long Life

As we mentioned before, central vacuums are durable and last for many years. This benefit means you don’t need to replace them every few years as you do with a portable unit. Have your unit serviced on a regular schedule to increase its useful life. Central vacuums typically go ten years or more without needing any major repairs. 

A central vacuum has fewer replacement parts than a portable one. They are cleaner to use because the collection canister or bag is in the garage or basement. Since the canister is larger than a portable cleaner, you won’t spend as much time emptying and changing bags. Another bonus is these appliances don’t smell like many upright or canister vacuums do.

Get Your Central Vacuum from a Trusted Dealer

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