Cost of a Central Vacuum System


 Many people think they can’t afford a quality central vacuum system. Think again. By the time you buy a number of conventional upright vacuums over the years, you could pay for a good central vacuum. Add in the repairs and time wasted taking them to the shop and you will save even more. Several sizes and models are available to fit your household needs that are affordable. You can find multiple accessories that make cleaning your house much easier.


The first thing to determine is the right central vacuum system and accessories. Next, decide how many wall outlets you need and the length of hose that will reach all areas to clean.

Let’s look at some basics of these systems before you shop for a price:

  • Most central vacuums have a built-in power unit that is centrally located in the basement, garage, or utility room.
  • The power unit has the vacuum motor and dirt collector, also called a canister.
  • Tubing or pipes are connected to the power unit and routed through attic walls or under the floors. They end up at strategically located wall outlets that are convenient to use.
  • To vacuum, you insert the flexible hose into an outlet and vacuum with the tool of your choice. When finished with one room or are, disconnect the hose and move to another room, hall, or area.
  • Many accessories and tools are available to clean and vacuum any type of floors.
  • There is no vacuum to pull to each room or cord to plug in and out and put away.

This is the beauty of a central vacuum system because it is easy and convenient to use. Just vacuum and put the hose in the closet and you’re done.


Central Vacuum Cleaners Are Efficient and Cost Effective


Cost of a Central Vacuum SystemPerhaps you are not aware that central vacuum cleaners are very efficient and cost effective.

  • Quality made units are durable and last a long time.
  • They are reliable and work time after time.
  • Central vacuum systems are more powerful than upright and portable units.
  • They can be used to clean floors, furniture, walls, blinds, ceiling fans, and registers.
  • Central vacuums can be installed in small office and business settings.

With all of these advantages, you can spread the cost over the life of central vacuums and see they are affordable. A qualified repair technician will come to your home in the event of a breakdown, however rare it may be.


Leading Brands of Central Vacuum Cleaners Are an Asset to Your Home


When people come to your home and see your central vacuum, they are amazed. Some of your family members and friends have never seen one in use. They only know about an upright or portable vacuum cleaner. If you purchase a leading brand, you will use it with confidence knowing your floors will be clean when they visit and it is an asset to your home.


Choose Among These Brands for Affordable Cost


Quality made vacuums are available from several manufacturers. Most of them are made in the U.S. and others are quality imports. Research has shown that 9 out of 10 customers choose one of these 6 central vacuum brands:

  • PurVac
  • Duovac
  • DrainVac
  • Cana-Vac
  • Power Star
  • Nutone

Let’s take a further look at each of these vacuum systems and their cost. By reviewing each of these brands, you can find a central vacuum that fits your budget.


Brand and Price Range Rating


Brand and Price Range Rating

PurVac systems sell for $562 to $1,357 5 Star
Duovac models range in cost from $642 to $1,599. 5 Star
DrainVac prices start at $499 and go to $3,975. 5 Star
Cana-Vac systems sell for $599 to $849. 3 Star
Power Star prices go from $399 to $1,049. 2 Star
Nutone systems start at $300 to $750. 1  Star


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