Electrolux Attachment Kits Let You Clean Anything, Anywhere

A vacuum system should be an attractive household appliance designed to fulfill your home’s cleaning needs – conveniently and efficiently. Keeping your home free of dust, germs and microscopic mites aren’t any easy tasks. While disinfecting your kitchen counter-tops and picking up the clutter around your home helps, but you are still left with keeping your floors- where hardwood or carpet cleaner.
Having a vacuum cleaner is one of the most valuable tools a homeowner can own to help keep their floors clean. Electrolux central vacuums let you clean anything and anywhere in your home. It offers a sleek design and highly effective performance. It is the built-in home cleaning solution giving you an easier, more enjoyable cleaning experience – with the benefits of a healthier home.

Electrolux Vacuums Has Superior performance with cleaner air

Electrolux VacuumNothing but clean air Indoor air quality research shows that with tight insulation and unsatisfactory ventilation and moisture, indoor air is often 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Oxygen central vacuums feature a unique double filtration system. The self-cleaning filter offers worry-free performance and no need to use a paper bag. Secondly, the optional HEPA Allergy Plus filter purifies the air to 99.97% and then diffuses it through our soft air diffusion system eliminating the need to exhaust outside.
Intelligent design The Oxygen central vacuum system is sleek and quiet, yet robust and powerful. It offers intuitive and convenient product features combined with easy-to-use information displays. The cleaning set is designed for optimal dirt and dust pick-up, yet ergonomic and quiet. For homeowners wanting a clean, healthy home, the Oxygen central vacuum system has been designed with you in mind.
Reliability built-in The Oxygen central vacuum power unit is placed in a secondary space like a utility room, basement or garage. It is connected to a system of pipes inside the walls of the home. The piping system can be installed either during initial construction or fitted to your existing home. Wall outlets are strategically placed to reach every corner of your home. It’s always ready when you need it, just plug in the hose and go.
Breathe easy with the power unit located outside of the living space, 100% of all contacted dirt, dust, and allergens are removed from the home, never blowing air back into the room, unlike conventional portable vacuums. It’s also extremely quiet, so vacuuming won’t disturb anyone’s activities.

The heart of the Electrolux Attachment Kits

Electrolux central vacuums combo kits come with a Power Unit and a full-featured attachment kit equipped with the "best in the industry" power nozzle with a wide cleaning path for all styles of carpet, it also includes a variety of bare floor and other great attachments as well as a great electric crush-proof high-efficiency hose. These combo kits are Designed for large homes and commercial applications. Choosing the right package is as easy as selecting one that suits your unique needs.

Electrolux PU3900 Central Vacuum Bare Floor Combo Kit

The Electrolux PU3900 Bare Floor Combo Kit comes with the Electrolux PU3650 central vacuum and a basic bare floor attachment set. Designed for homes with bare floors, throw rugs and minimal low-pile carpeting, the basic bare floor attachment kit offers superb cleaning power with non-motorized accessories.

Electrolux PU3900 Central Vacuum Power Team Combo Kit

The Electrolux Combo Kit comes complete with the PU3900 power unit and the Electrolux Power Team attachment kit. Designed for homes up to 12,000 Sq Ft and can be used on area rugs, low to high pile carpeting, wood, tile, linoleum, and vinyl. Comes with a 30' or 35' electric hose and a convertible cuff for pigtail and direct connect conversions.

Electrolux PU3900 Central Vacuum Estate Combo Kit

The Electrolux PU3900 Central Vacuum Estate Combo kit comes with the PU3900 Power Unit and Estate Central Vacuum Electric Attachment kit. It is not only equipped with the "best in the industry" SEBO Pro ET-2 deluxe power nozzle with a 15" cleaning path for all styles of carpet, it also includes a variety of bare floor and other great attachments as well as a premium quality, electric crush-proof high-efficiency hose covered under an astounding 5-year warranty.

Electrolux is a Complete Sleek and Self-Cleaning System

An Electrolux central vacuum system has a power unit and a cleaning set that work together as a team. The power unit is the heart of the vacuum, providing the power, and is generally located outside of the living space like a garage, basement, or utility room.
Inside the home, the cleaning set is the perfect partner. It’s what turns a powerful performance into a pleasurable experience, with every cleaning tool at hand, ready to clean any type of surface in your home.