FAQ: Which Central Vacuum System Should I Buy?


If you have already decided that a central vacuuming system is a right next step for you, congratulations! You have made a very wise choice. However, you aren’t done quite yet. There are actually many vacuum brands to decide between, like NuTone, Duovac, Drainvac, and dozens more. Beyond the brands, there are also models under each. So, how do you choose?


1: Realize Your Needs

Why exactly do you need a central vacuum system in the first place? Some people simply decide it is more convenient and easier on their back than carrying a portable unit around, which are both good reasons. However, some people need to clean something specific, like a blocked drain. If this is your reason, you may want to look into Drainvac, which has patents for just this type of usage or search our "#1 Rated Central Vacuums".

2: Consider Your Unique Rooms

Your bedroom, bathroom, and living room need to be cleaned differently. You already do this! Your new central vacuum will simply be an extension of this. Because of this, NuTone provides a large selection of accessories to make sure that you give every room the kind of cleaning it needs. HEPA air filtration, anti-stick technology, and internal sound suppression are just the beginning!

3: Take a Survey

Duovac actually offers a wonderfully helpful survey that will help you decide how powerful of a vacuum you need. How large is your home? Is there carpet throughout? Do you have pets? All of these will be deciding factors in exactly which vacuum, and how much sucking power, you need to be looking for.

4: Let Think Vacuums Help

If you still aren’t sure, don’t do it alone! We offer the largest selection of central vacuum systems, vacuum cleaners, parts, accessories and more. We will provide the best support available - every step of the way. If at any time you require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to call 1-800-322-2965.


Contact us today and let us get started finding you the best central vacuum unit, together!