How to Choose the Right Vacuum for Tile Floors

NuTone features the right vacuums for all types of tile floors. This includes hardwood tiles, along with porcelain, vinyl, and even acetate. In fact, we are proud to offer NuTone vacuums, which are heralded for picking up dirt, dust, and grime from tiled floors and crevices. Nutone central vacuum systems far exceed traditional upright vacuum cleaners as well. This is due to their longevity, along with flexibility, durability, and strength. Similarly, NuTone central vacuums secure a cleaner environment for homes and businesses – resulting in better air and cleanliness for loved ones and domesticated pets.
Here are some more benefits of buying this essential central vacuum system for your residential or commercial establishment: 
  • NuTone power units are cost-affordable, convenient and connect to inlets placed at desired areas in your home or business.
  • NuTone complete packages feature central vacuum cleaning systems, motors, and a full range of attachments and accessories.
  • NuTone systems are more flexible and mobile than traditional upright vacuum cleaning units.
  • NuTone vacuums range in cost from $300 - $750, which is far cheaper than other high-end, expensive vacuum sets and cleaners.
  • NuTone systems last – on average – fifteen to twenty years. This is far better than traditional and conventional uprights, which only have a shelf life of three to five years.
  • The power units of NuTone vacuums are far superior in strength, design, durability, and longevity than leading competitors.

Why Choose NuTone Central Vacuums? 

There are several advantages of owning a NuTone central vacuum system. For one, you can easily clean hardwood and tiling floors – along with carpets, rugs, sectionals and even upholstered furniture and curtains. You also get true value for your dollar at every turn – since central vacuums last longer than traditional brands and reach more areas in your home.
Secondly, you do not have to lug around NuTone units like you would with regular upright units.
Thirdly, your NuTone central vacuum cleaner can easily be housed in a garage or utility room. This means it never comes in the way of human or domesticated pet traffic, and the pipe and couplings are located within the walls. Here are some more essentials of investing in NuTone central vacuums and accessories:
  • The only visible portions of the system are the inlets – installed in walls throughout your home or office.
  • NuTone accessories feature stronger hoses, which bear the brunt of most of the cleaning for tiles, floors and all areas in the property.
  • NuTone hoses, floor brushes, and tools are durable an shock-resistant.
  • NuTone units not only clean floors and carpets but also remove bad air and send it outdoors. This is perfect for loved ones with respiratory problems and breathing issues; asthma, emphysema, etc.
  • NuTone VacuumsNuTone central vacuums do not re-circulate air, which can be harmful to family members with breathing problems.
  • NuTone units also remove smaller and hidden particles, which are very difficult for traditional, upright systems

NuTone Central Vacuum Accessories 

As with any NuTone central vacuum system, we offer a wide array of accessories and attachments. Whether for cleaning floor tiling, carpets or rugs – the following accessories play an instrumental role in securing a clean, shiny and sparkling home or office:
  • NuTone complete packages and Power Units.
  • NuTone Combo Kits and Attachment Kits.
  • Floor Brushes for picking up dust, dirt, grime and smaller particles from all types of flooring.
  • Tools, Accessories and electric Powerheads.
  • Air-Driven Turbo Powerheads and Hoses.
  • Wands and much more.
We also feature bags, filters, motors and wall inlets – mounts. Similarly, our NuTone accessories include mufflers, exhaust systems pipes, fittings, installation kits, and dustpans. With so many advantages and benefits of choosing NuTone central vacuum cleaner systems, why go anywhere else? We showcase the best NuTone systems at cost-effective prices for new or existing owners. This system continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews –and is truly worth your time and investment.