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Drainvac International provides a true premium product that is supported by an equally unique and quality service program. For more information simply ask us about this amazing service.  With Drainvac you will find a wide-range of central vacuum systems for all budgets and applications.  With over 35 years of expertise Drainvac has combined power and ingenuity to create some of the most high-performance central cleaning systems in the industry to date.

From International to your local neighborhood Drainvac is there and partnered with we provide you true first class service that you deserve!

Fact: Customer service is number one.

We at pride ourselves on supplying our customers not only with top of the line merchandise, but providing you with the peace of mind and confidence with your purchase. We stand behind service 125% after the sale unlike many other online dealers who will dish you off back to the manufacturer once a sale is complete and then wash their hands of you. We are an American based company with no outsourced call centers, so when you need to speak to a technician we provide you in house service, you can also speak to one of our certified installers. We are honored to take the time to walk you through troubleshooting any issue you may have or even just answer a simple question. If you need further assistance we will promptly try to locate a local technician to assist you with your issue, if one is not available you can always have the merchandise returned to our service center in Florida.  The percentage of having any issue occur with any central vacuum system within its warranty period is very low and typically you need just standard routine maintenance. With Drainvac you’re getting the best in residential central vacuum systems. The Drainvac difference includes an innovative product line, a large selection of models, efficient & powerful units, but most of reliability! 

 HOW DO I SERVICE MY DRAINVAC? It’s as simple as 123! Step 1 contact our customer care and product specialest for assitance with any service questions or needs.  Step 2 our technicans will troubleshoot the issue over the phone taking the time to adiqitly diagnose any issue you may be experiancing.  Finally step 3 helping you locate a local technician if or offer in house service to handle any repairs that you would not be able to perform.

 WHY CHOOSE A DRAINVAC?  Years of quality and innovation bringing you a powerful central vacuum optimized for any application.

At thinkvacuums.Com we carry 95% of all top manufacturered brands in the central vacuum market and DrainVac soars to the top over and over again!

As a well-respected local and online central vacuum dealer we hold the highest standards for all brands we carry. Drainvac prevails a true leader standing behind their products and the customers as a very consumer friendly company. We are partnered with them due to their vision and goal to maintain quality at any budget. They are a manufacturer that is out to not just provide a product, but offer fast and reliable service if anything were to go wrong with their products. With this type of integrity is why customers rate Drainvac as the best central vacuum systems in the industry. We proudly back Drainvac for their commitment to quality, service and customer care. With a Drainvac central vacuum system you get award winning service every time!

DrainVac -  Letter From the President, Martin Sevigny

Dear Valued Drainvac Customers,

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of one of the many products in the Drainvac product line. We at Drainvac International strive to provide the highest quality central vacuum systems and accessories to our customers. Each central vacuum is carefully assembled by hand, making sure our products are 100% flawless before final packaging. We use only the highest quality components to ensure years of reliable service. Our Durable polypro housing is built to withstand impacts, corrosion and heat making them practically indestructible. We believe in the strength of the housing so much that it is backed by a lifetime warranty. With your Drainvac you will be able to harness ultimate cleaning power with exceptional suction. Only the finest motors will do for this type of task this is why we use premium high efficiency all metal European designed DOMEL motors. When you unleash the power of a Drainvac Central Vacuum System, dirt doesn’t! 

My life’s work is dedicated to perfecting the ultimate central vacuum for each and every consumer’s needs. We proudly manufacture our product in Canada and distribute internationally and stand behind our products our dealers, but most of all our valued customers!

Martin Sevigny
President Drainvac International

Thousands Of Verified DrainVac Customers. Here's a small sample:

  • Ray Garcia - "... I found an excellent price for a 9 gallon Drainvac Viper on your website and after doing the work myself saved over $1,000! The installation took me less than 2 hours. So easy! My wife is delighted to now have a fully functional and quiet central vacuum. We couldn't be happier with our purchase! "
  • Lynn J. Rogers - "...We bilt a new home and I ordered a complete DrainVac system over the phone and received an education while doing so. I felt like an experienced installation technicisan when I finished my order. We tell our friends, contractors, and collegues how much we like our DrainVac and ThinkVacuums... "
  • Jane Huppert - "... I was so delighted with my new DrainVac. The only problem was the pipe configuration of my old central vacuum. No problem though as I just ordered more pipe fittings to accommodate the angles and runs. "
  • Anonymous Customer - "...My third DrainVac, I have been more than pleased with the last two units purchased as far back as 2005. Thank you!!!
  • S Armor - "... Easy to select items in website, easy to check out. Love Drainvac !.. "
  • Luretta Logan - "If I had not been a user of the Drainvac for a number of years, I would have had to make many calls to get the correct parts. The last purchase I made was nearly 10 years ago and I loved the unit and it's ease of installation and that it did a great job without breaking down for that long. I am hoping that the changes that have been made in the unit do not diminish the capability. I am 77 years old and have already got my new unit installed! So that much has not changed. "
  • Daniel Kratz - "Great central unit with the Drainvac Powerhouse. I felt the pricing on the deluxe attachment kit was a bit too rich for the products. Everything works fine for now..."
  • Fred K. - "... The suction power of the new one-motor (DrainVac) Python is significantly greater than my existing 2-motor 10-year old Nutone system. Looking forward to many years of service from this unit
  • Anonymous Customer - "... i have always found your products to be exactly what you say they are and have been very happy with mt Drainvac i purchased 10 years ago. No Problems and strong suction! "