SC412B Sanitaire Transport QuietClean Backpack Vacuum

Backpack vacuums and Floor cleanersThe SC412B backpack model is a lightweight vacuum that you should consider having as your cleaning companion. It efficiently cleans the difficult-to-reach spots in your house. Its backpack design eases movement since you don’t have to drag it along. The vacuum comes with 1.5” cleaning attachments, aluminum wands that are easily locked with the press of a button, and a 5 ft hose. These features enhance easy cleaning of high areas, under furniture, and upholstery. 

The SC412B has a double hose inlet that turns up to 360 degrees, making it versatile and comfortable to use. The floor nozzle is a multipurpose attachment that glides smoothly on bare and carpeted surfaces. The 50-foot long power cord is easily detachable, and its motor provides 1200 watt energy and is exceptionally quiet. This vacuum combines design, lightweight, and power to give an efficiently clean interior.


BISSELL 10Q backpack vacuum SC412B vacuum has a 1200 Watt quiet motor and 120 CFM motor. It is a lightweight machine that comes with a bag and two filters. This backpack vacuum meets the CRI Green Label as well as the LEED standards. 

Cleaning those constricted corners and other difficult-to-clean areas only got more comfortable with the SC412B. It combines its versatile features to make vacuuming more relaxed and fun. The 1.5-inch cleaning attachments with aluminum wands, large capacity canister, and detachable power cord are a superb combination for any user.

The backpack vacuum has a 12-inch cleaning path, and it is also UL listed for use by commercial cleaning companies. The power cord is a whooping 50 ft long to allow you the freedom of moving around the house. You need not worry about messing up the atmosphere when emptying the debris because this vacuum uses disposable bags. 

This machine comes with a warranty of two years, which covers workmanship, labor, parts, and materials.

Superior Cleaning

The modern Sanitaire SC412 Backpack Vacuum reduces the time you would take to clean a big office. It is fast and easy to operate when cleaning bare floors or carpets on a daily basis. It weighs just under 11.5 pounds with a 50-foot power cord. It has an ergonomic back brace that efficiently distributes the weight of the vacuum, enabling the user to move with the machine instead of dragging or rolling it on the floor.

Cleaning Accessories

The cleaning attachments that come with the SC412B Clean Back Vacuum have a diameter of  1 1/2-inch. The hard-to-reach areas are now reachable with the curved aluminum wands for cleaning high places. Some of the extra tools include a bare floor nozzle, dusting brush, crevice wand, carpet nozzle, and upholstery tool. 

This backpack vacuum is perfect for cleaning hospitals and homes that have children because of its noiseless operation. Its 12-amp motor makes it powerful and convenient. For big vacuuming and commercial jobs, consider this UL-listed back vacuum cleaner.

Sanitaire HEPA Filter Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Sanitaire sc530bFor big vacuuming jobs, consider the lightweight, quiet, clean vacuum from Sanitaire. The movement has been made easier by its 50 ft pigtail power cord that comes with the 6Q Backpack. The six-quart dust bag comes in handy in saving you the time you could have taken to empty a small canister or change bags. It has a powerful 10-amp motor.

The filtration system is 4-step, ensuring that dust and allergens don’t get back into the air. If it is maneuverability you are after, the 50-foot charge cord and lightweight enable you to move around the furniture and other obstacles. It comes with attachments such as a crevice tool, dusting brush, a 1.5” diameter curved aluminum wand, bare floor, and carpet tools. These tools offer versatility in cleaning all floor types.

This 11 lb vacuum has a HEPA filtration system. The filtration is four-step, sucking in the dirt along with allergens. As the air goes out into the atmosphere, the dust particles are left inside, making the interior atmosphere clean and fresh.

Where Can I Get My Sanitaire Backpack Vacuum?

Sanitaire backpack vacuums, just like other Sanitaire models, never disappoint. The long detachable power cord makes maneuverability easy. If you want a powerful vacuum for heavy cleaning jobs, go for a Sanitaire backpack vacuum. Think Vacuums is a certified Sanitaire retailer. Contact us or visit our Coral Springs office.

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