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Sanitaire brush strip

Brush strips are thin, plastic bristles that Sanitaire uses on its brush rollers. These brushes help to clean carpeting in a more efficient manner than other options. Sanitaire brush strip's unique design makes them the best option for cleaning carpets because they do not leave any lines or residue behind when it is finished. Sanitaire brush rolls also have high-performance synthetic fibers which act as natural hair brushes and remove dirt from deep within your carpet with every stroke of the vacuum cleaner head.

Brush Strengths: Sanitaire offers various strengths like the Sanitstrip which has been designed for hard floors such as tile or stone. The soft bristles provide an optimum amount of suction power while retaining their shape even after years use due to Miele's innovative technology

Sanite's brush strips are a simple yet very effective design that just about any homeowner should consider when it comes to cleaning their carpets!


Sanitaire strip

Sanitaire strip usability

All of Sanitaire brushes work by utilizing a vacuum system that creates an airtight seal around the bristles and moves dirt particles on top of them into an external bag - this keeps debris from going back onto the floor surface being cleaned. Sanitaire brush rollers come with a universal mounting bracket which allows you to install it on any make or model of machine (including those made by other manufacturers). This versatility means they can be used without modifying existing equipment: you just need  to swap the Sanitaire brush roller for your old one. Sanitary provides a variety of different models and each model is equipped with either metal or plastic bristles, depending on what you're using it for; e.g., vacuuming leaves vs. carpets (metal)

A vacuum system that creates an airtight seal around the bristles moves dirt particles into external bag so they don't go back onto floor being cleaned, universal mounting bracket allows  Sanitaire brush rollers to be used on any make or model of vacuum, We offer a variety of different models with metal bristles for vacuuming leaves vs. carpets (metal)


Quality Strip

We offer many different models of Sanitaire brush rollers to suit your needs. Think Vacuums is a very well-known company. We offer premium quality products that you can trust will last, which is why it’s important to invest in us right away instead of purchasing cheaper brands that may or may not work as expected.

- Sanitaire brush rollers are durable and long lasting.

- Sanitaire brush rollers easily fit any vacuum cleaner with a universal adapter.

- Sanitaire has the cheapest models that still have quality materials in them for those looking to save money but don't want poor durability on their brushes.

Sanitaire Brush Rollers are high quality, affordable yet durable products designed by people who know how important good vacuuming is.


Quality strip

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Advantages include improved air flow in your home from more efficient suction power, reduced hair and dust build up because you no longer need to replace as often due to replacement brushes remaining intact, not having cleanly cut bristles or excessively long bristles at all times which can be dangerous if allowed into contact with furniture or carpeting material.

Think Vacuums sells a variety of models. We are one of the few companies that produce brush strips for our vacuum cleaners.

Sanitaire brush rollers are great for vacuuming carpets with deep piles. Think Vacuums is a company that has been in business for many years, so we know what we are  doing! Sanitaires come in three different models: the Sanitaire SC886A, Sanitaire SC887A and Sanitaire SC888. These models differ only slightly from one another but they all will outperform most other brands of vacuum cleaners when it comes to cleaning carpets with deep piles because of the specially designed brushes on these machines. If you want to find out more about any of these models or if you want to purchase one please give us a call today at 800-322-2965.


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