How Sebo Vacuums are Changing the Cleaning Game

The vacuum cleaner market is noticeably different to how it was twenty or even ten years ago. Today, the selection is much broader, and there are new brands coming to the market every year. The biggest challenge when buying a new vacuum is knowing the brands you can trust, especially as there are several names which are unfamiliar on the U.S. market.

Sebo Vacuums is a relative newcomer to the local market, but they have a strong presence overseas, particularly in Europe. These vacuums are amongst the best quality units that you can buy today and learning more about them could help you to make your next purchase.

Sebo Vacuums – Top Quality Products for over Four Decades

Sebo is a brand name of vacuums designed and made in Germany. These vacuums have been available since the late 1970s in Europe, and some models have been marketed in the U.S. under local brands. Even if you’re not familiar with Sebo, you may have used one of their vacuums in the past.

The company was responsible for innovating some of the very first user-friendly upright vacuum cleaners for commercial markets. Today, their design and engineering experience are applied to Sebo canister vacuums and Sebo upright vacuums for use in modern homes.

How are Sebo Vacuums Different to Others on the Market?

Sebo Canister VacuumVacuum cleaners are ubiquitous in modern homes. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a household in the United States where a vacuum is not present.

Sebo Vacuums aren’t complete reinventions of what you know but are instead refinements of familiar models and systems. The biggest advantage of investing in Sebo vacuums is that you will get world-renowned German engineering with a high-quality vacuum that is made to last.

Available in both upright and canister models, you will be able to find a vacuum that is perfectly suited to your needs. Sebo upright vacuums have unique styling features that make them stand out from the competition. If you want a vacuum cleaner that is fashionable, then you’ll love some of the designs found in the Sebo Felix series. Take the 9809AM Rosso Upright Vacuum model as an example. The design incorporates a retro theme that makes the vacuum perfect for bright and airy modern apartments or condominiums.

Although Sebo uses familiar designs, there are some special features that make their vacuums stand out. If you have been using an older vacuum model, then an upgrade to a Sebo could completely change your cleaning game.

Automatic brush systems, multi-tier height adjustment, and the inclusion of both a cleaning head and separate hose make Sebo upright vacuums a significant step above most other models on the market.

There are even innovations to be found in Sebo canister vacuums. There are models and attachments available to vacuum dust, debris, pet hair, sand, leaves, and crumbs. Sebo models have been used in the hotel and commercial cleaning industries for many years, so imagine how they could perform when used in your home.

High-Quality Filters and Vacuums Bags

Sebo outperforms most of the competition when it comes to the quality of Sebo vacuum bags and filters. Bags are designed to capture microscopic dust particles so that there is almost no chance of releasing contaminants back into the air of your home. Using a Sebo vacuum could help to prevent allergies and respiratory irritation.

Likewise, Sebo vacuum filters are amongst the best in the market and can compete with the highest quality HEPA filters. Both bags and filters can be easily replaced, and you’ll find the perfect options at Think Vacuums.

Explore a Range of the Best Sebo Vacuums

At Think Vacuums, you can get world-class Sebo models at the most competitive prices. Our inventory includes upright and canister models, as well as accessories like Sebo electric powerheads and wands. If you want to clean your home to the highest standard, then relying on German designed Sebo vacuums is one of the best ways to do it.