Tips on How to Maintain Your Central Vacuum Unit

3 Steps to Help Maintain Your Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum makes cleaning your floors and stairs so convenient that you will never want to be without it. Like all appliances, vacuums need regular maintenance and cleaning. You can perform many of these maintenance tasks yourself. If you neglect these tasks, you can expect problems to occur. When they arise, the place to start is troubleshooting your problems.

 3 Steps to Help Maintain Your Central Vacuum System

Troubleshoot Your Problems 

You can start the process yourself with simple steps. If you can’t resolve the issues, then call us for a free consultation with one of our technicians. Here’s what you can do:

  • If you have a switch on the handle, turn it on and off to see if it works.
  • Check to see if you have suction at the wall outlet, with and without the hose attached.
  • If your system has an electric brush, turn it on and off to see if it functions.
  • Notice any strange noises or odors and if they are present trace their source
  • Will the vacuum start and keep running, or does it start then stop by itself?
  • If a clogged pipe is suspected, plug the hose into another outlet to see if it works.
  • Check all pipes and the canister to see if they are clogged up.
  • Inspect each wall outlet value to see if one is malfunctioning.

If you try all of these steps, and the vacuum is still not functioning correctly, it’s time to call us at 954-341-4323 for an appointment.

Repair Power Head or Power Unit Parts

Repair Power Head or Power Unit PartsCentral vacuums are fabulous appliances, but they may break down after years of use. In many cases, the powerhead or power unit parts are worn out or broken. If this is the case, it is less costly to repair or replace the powerhead than the entire system. We will determine if your motor is working by checking the power unit gaskets and cracks.

The issue may be electrical, and we will test if you are getting the proper voltage to the power unit. We will also check for any loose wires or faulty breakers. If you have had any work done lately in your attic or basement, someone may have triggered an issue and there may be a short in the powerhead or relay. Shorts can also be caused if mice have chewed through any wires.

Additionally, if you or someone else may have spliced some wires together, and those wires may not be working now. If the relay is getting power, but the motor is not, you probably have a dead motor. We will replace it the same day we determine the problem.

Let us analyze why your system is malfunctioning for a fraction of the cost of a new vacuum. We have the testing equipment to locate problems very quickly. Our Think Vacuums staff is well trained to handle any repair job that is needed.

Replace Bags and/or Filtration Power Brushes

Replace Bags and/or Filtration Power BrushesLet’s regress for just a moment and consider a couple of simple issues you may be facing. Vacuums come with either replaceable bags or filters that must be cleaned. It may be time to replace or clean your bags or buy another set of filtration power brushes. If you have a bag system, remove it when full and throw it away. If you use a filter, replace it or clean it when it is too dirty. It’s best to establish a schedule for checking bags and filters.

Filtration power brushes are located in the powerheads. The roller bristles may wear down, or the bearings may lock up. The power head brush rollers allow deeper cleaning and must be kept in good working order. Our technician will discover if this or any other part is faulty. We are the central vacuum cleaner experts in South Florida and we want your business.