The Top Three Central Vacuum Mufflers

A central vacuum is an excellent solution to the inconvenience of conventional vacuum cleaning. With negligible noise and versatile functions, they make it easier to clean stairs, carpets, and appliances. These units use a motor to generate suction, with some motors being noisier than others are.
At Electrolux, we recommend the incorporation of a muffler when completing an existing or new installation. If you're trying to decrease the noise level originating from the central vacuum, a muffler from Electrolux vacuums will do the job.
If you're thinking of installing a unit, our experts have the know-how and experience to ensure each step of the installation occurs appropriately. Here's a list of the top mufflers if you're in the market for one. 

ActiVac III HEPA Exhaust Muffler 

ActiVac III MufflerThis product is a muffler, air purifier, and odor eliminator. It's a bigger substitute for the ActiVac II. Its filtration system helps filter fine debris from your central vacuum system while decreasing the noise of the unit's motor.
The product's life expectancy is 1-3 years, making it the best substitute when opting not to vent your vacuum outside. It's the newest and cleanest way to vent your central vacuum and it's compliant with 98% of all central vacuums, including Electrolux central vacuum systems. However, it isn't adjustable to dual-motor systems.
You'll also discover it's great for allergy and asthma sufferers. You can't accomplish any cleaning performance in the absence of a good muffler. In fact, a muffler is one tool that maintains the high efficiency of a central vacuum.
For optimal air quality, ensure you change it every two years. In the event that you're experiencing issues in areas where you've installed the central vacuum, for instance, the basement, the Activac muffler will solve all the ventilation issues you might have.
Another benefit of this product is that it's easy to install and use, unlike most mufflers, which require gluing to the exhaust port. This one doesn't. You'll discover the connector's design allows it to fit on every port that measures two inches in diameter. At only six inches in height without an attached elbow, you'll be surprised at how effective and useful such a tool can be. 

Hayden Muffler 

The 6-inch cylinder muffler can operate on any central vacuum. Numerous manufacturers use the popular muffler, which complements a new or old central vacuum. Its installation occurs on the power unit for the reduction of noise while vacuuming.
The muffler constitutes a rugged resin material and its goal is reducing sound levels originating from the central vacuum. You can attach it to your system's exhaust by gluing the ends or using a clamp-like device to attach it to the piping system.
The muffler has an acoustic insert, which absorbs vibration and sound thereby lowering a vacuum's decibel level. You'll also discover the installation is very easy. It's compatible with various brands, including Electrolux and AirVac. You can expect to spend $12.95 on the product. 

12-inch Cylinder Central Vacuum Muffler 

This system can function in any central vacuum today. In fact, numerous manufacturers use the popular muffler, which compliments a central vacuum, old or new. It comprises a rugged material and seeks to decrease sound levels arising from the central vacuum.
You can join it to your vacuum's exhaust by gluing the ends or using a clamp-like device to ensure it's secured to the pipe system. This muffler's material is more sound suppressing than the 6-inch. You can expect to buy it for $15.95. 

Vacuum Muffler

Top-Hat Intake Muffler 

Recognized in the industry as a top hat muffler, it helps quiet and cools the intake motor when sucking in air. It decreases the irritating noise and you'll typically find it on Hayden and older central vacuums. The product functions as a filter by preventing dust from penetrating the motor. The muffler is meant for Hayden, NuTone, and other central vacuum units.
At $24.95, you can purchase the product, which prevents vibrations and motor burnout. The intake muffler comprises resin material and tolerates age and heat. The vents on top of the muffler enable the motor to cool itself.
Inside this product, you'll discover sound suppressing material for sound absorption. You can attach it using pre-drilled screws or self-adhesive tape. You can also use it on all Hayden, NuTone, and other central vacuums.
While today's central vacuums are quieter, it's still advisable to include mufflers to decrease the noise level further. With the wide range of products on the market, it can be difficult to establish the ones to buy. Fortunately, this list reveals the top mufflers on the market.