Important Tips for Vacuuming Walls and Ceilings

Think Vacuums is your home for the best in Beam vacuums, parts and accessories. In fact, these powerful central units are perfect for vacuuming walls and ceilings. Similarly, these mid-sized models feature powerful motors that can easily remove dust, dirt, grime and hidden particles. If you are planning on upgrading your central vacuum system, the Beam central vacuum series is definitely worth considering. In fact, these units continue to receive high praise and ratings from customers and industry experts alike. We are proud to carry a fine line of Beam central vacuum systems for all home and business owners.

Beam Central Vacuum Features

Beam VacuumsAt, we are proud to be an authorized Beam vacuum dealer. Again, we carry a large selection of Beam vacuum bags, filters, and complete packages. We also advise our customers to use bags with your Beam central vacuum systems. This helps to maintain and extend the life of the filters and motors. We also advise you to replace filters every 2-3 years to ensure proper unit functionality and performance. As always, we have a wide array of “must have” Beam accessories, including hoses, wands, air-driven turbo power-heads, filters, and many more parts and accessories. Here are some of the essentials of Beam vacuums for homes and businesses:
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • 600 Air Watts, 125 CM, 140 Waterlift
  • Perfect for homes and businesses up to 7,000 sq. ft.
  • Large 4- gallon dirt capacity
  • Utility inlets provided on units
  • Maximum amps: 14.3
  • Programmable logic controllers

The Benefits of Beam Cleaners

The Beam central vacuum series truly offers great value for the money. Whether it’s cleaning walls, ceilings or entire homes and businesses – these units will meet all your needs within time and budget. This includes the 275 model, along with the 225 model and other units with advanced, innovative features. Beam cleaners are two-stage motor appliances, which secure enough power to effectively remove all particles. With 600 watts per unit and a six-foot power cord accessory, you get an efficient cleaning machine that delivers each and every time. 
Beam central vacuums also have motor venting filters, which prevent residue and dirt build up. Similarly, they have self-cleaning HEPA filters, which helps ensure proper unit performance and function. While you should replace your filter every 2-3 years, Beam filtration components are among the finest and most reliable in the central vacuum cleaning industry. With a four-gallon maximum storage capacity, you are able to remove particles, while helping secure better air for those with breathing and/or respiratory problems.

Parts and Labor

The Beam 275 model offers parts and labor security for seven years after purchase. The warranty also covers the remaining two models of the Beam Basic series. With this alone, you see how sturdy, durable and reliable this series is for daily and weekly cleaning. With user-friendly features, Beam is synonymous with efficient and easy cleaning for large or small venues. With strategic designs and cost-effectiveness, Beam manufacturers are committed to excellence and stand by all products and accessories.
Here are some essential tips for using your Beam vacuum to clean walls and ceilings:
  • You can easily attach brushes, hoses and long power cords to reach high ceilings and walls.
  • Always start with areas that have visible hair, dirt, dust, grime, and other chemicals.
  • Instead of tapping the hose or brush against the wall, let the unit work for you. Simply position these accessories in a manner that will effectively suck in these elements – then remove them from the bag – during disposal – after cleaning is over.
  • You can use the hoses to clean wall corners, as well as complete blanket cleaning to keep your Sheetrock dirt and mold-free.
For more information on Beam central vacuums and accessories, simply access our website. You will find detailed product information, along with price ranges and even vital cleaning tips and suggestions. At, we truly appreciate your business and look forward to meeting all you need.