The Top Three Best Vacuum Brands

Drainvac Central Vacuum Systems is the Largest Authorized DrainVac Internet dealer in the USA.  Drainvac is considered the top-performing company that manufactures and provides central vacuum power units. Drainvac leads the industry in high suction power, ease of use, reliability, and extremely quiet operation.  WORLD'S BEST CENTRAL VACUUMS.

Drainvac offers a large selection of products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Drainvac models can be compact or large capacity, with bag or bagless options, along with conventional use or designs for picking up liquids. There is a Drainvac central vacuum system for tackling all cleaning tasks at hand.

The Best Choice For...

  • PerformanceWith optimal suction power, you will never have to vacuum the same area twice or leave dust, dirt, and other allergens behind. 
  • Lowest Noise LevelWith above-average soundproofing and a variety of muffler options, Drainvac Central Vacuums will always offer the lowest noise level. These systems are designed to be installed in a space that is far from the living areas of your home. 
  • Innovation: Drainvac offers systems that have the ability to vacuum both liquid and solids or an automatic central system that connects to the drain that requires virtually no maintenance. These central vacuums are all backed by over 25 years of development and innovation. You can't go wrong with a Drainvac Central Vacuum no matter which unit you choose. 
  • SavingsDrainvac Central Vacuum Systems are a smart investment and adds value to any home. Not to mention they save time and energy. Simply plug a central vacuum hose into an inlet and go. 
  • Trustworthiness: Drainvac products are designed to meet stringent requirements of the commercial and industrial sectors. The application of their technologies for domestic use is your guarantee of satisfaction for years to come. The performance and reliability of Drainvac systems are recognized worldwide. This is why Drainvac systems are backed with a solid warranty. Most of Drainvac system components are designed by Drainvac and are made to measure in Canada to meet the highest of standards of durability and quality. 

Duovac Central Vacuum Systems

DuoVac offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners enabled with advanced technology. The technically advanced central vacuum systems by DuoVac are the result of innovative and efficient manufacturing techniques. Here are some of the important reasons for investing in DuoVac central vacuum systems:

  • Superior Filtration: All DuoVac central vacuum systems offer superior filtration efficiency. This basically means that at 0.1 microns they remove particles from the air at a 97.5% efficiency. As a result, there will be no need to vent the exhaust outside your home or business. The filtration technology used in DuoVac central vacuum systems ensures that no allergens or dust particles get stirred and there are no suspended dirt particles in the air within your home


  • Strong Motor: DuoVac central vacuum systems consist of Ametek motors, which are considered to be one of the best and strong performers in the world. Apart from the performance of the motor, these vacuum systems offer a high level of efficiency due to the highly advanced DuoFibre Quick™ filtration system. All DuoVac central vacuum systems consist of an oval-shaped DuoMax™ dust receptacle. The power of the motor and the filtration technology put together helps in amplifying the cyclonic effect and enables 3 to 4 times more cleaning power as compared to portable or standard vacuum cleaners.


  • Convenient Installation: Duovac central vacuums are easy to install in new homes as well as old homes. They have been manufactured using stainless steel or aluminum for a strong and durable product. Depending on the model, they can easily clean in ranges from 2,000 to over 10,000 square feet homes or businesses.

Purvac Central Vacuum Systems

PurVac is considered one of the top central vacuum manufacturing companies in the world today. Some of the important reasons for investing in PurVac central vacuum systems include:

  • High Suction Power: PurVac central vacuums promise superior suction by offering water lifts of up to 170". This suction power can even unclog a sink.
  • Easy to Use/Install: PurVac vacuum systems are easy to install and use. They can be installed in existing homes as well as new homes with ease. The central vacuums are available with a 6-foot / 1.8-meter electric cord and a 90-degree plug to make them easier to use.
  • HEPA Filtration System: All PurVac central vacuum systems are enabled with a HEPA filtration system. The notable points of the HEPA filtration system include:
  • Zero Noise Level: PurVac central vacuum systems can be installed in your garage or at any secluded location within your home to reduce noise levels. The composite tank casing used by PurVac cuts down the noise level considerably, especially when compared to metal tank casings. The lowest sound decibel offered by their central vacuums is 58 decibels.
  • Reliable: All PurVac central vacuum systems are extremely reliable. Backed by technology and including HEPA filtration systems and single and double motorization, they are extremely durable.


Why Choose a Central Vacuum System?

While we showcase a large selection of top-brand name vacuums, central units are among the best vacuums on the market today. These vacuum cleaners truly improve air quality in your home or business. They are also easy to connect and use – and guarantee the following:

  • More efficient and quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners.
  • Easy to install, connect, and seamless integration for any home or business.
  • Lightweight, mobile, and easier to control than heavier and bulkier competitors.
  • Central systems remove the need for having multiple units – large and small.
  • No need to purchase portable vacuums anymore. 

Like any major appliance, you want the best quality vacuum cleaner for your money. In fact, long gone are the days of purchasing multiple units to meet your daily – weekly – monthly cleaning needs. Today’s vacuums have been centralized and streamlined with smart features. This includes central vacuums with portals that are connected throughout your home or business. You simply need to plug in and clean any room as needed. Central vacuums easily pick up and remove dust, dirt, hair, and all hidden particles from floors, rugs, and deep-shag carpets.

Think Vacuums features a wide array of top-quality vacuum units and accessories. This includes all major vacuum brands, along with replacement parts and components. As your vacuum cleaner headquarters, we are proud to feature the latest in bags, filters, and hoses. Our extensive inventory also includes powerheads, brushes, and vacuum cleaners of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Our highly-dedicated team can also answer any product or service-related questions and concerns. Whether for the home or office, we can truly help you find the right central or portable vacuum cleaner to meet all your needs.

The Think Vacuums Difference

At Think Vacuums, we are always committed to excellence in all services. This is why we showcase the top-brand name vacuum cleaners on sale each day. As your one-stop source for vacuum cleaner parts, bags, or even repairs – our team is always ready to assist you with sales and product information. It’s this passion that has made us one of – if not – the top online vacuum cleaner portal and store. From central vacuums to complete packages, you can truly find everything you need at our site.


Central vacuums improve the quality of life for your loved ones and pets. For more information on central or other vacuum cleaners, simply visit our site today!


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