Attachment Kits - Three Accessories Your Vacuum Needs

No matter what kind of vacuum cleaner you have, you need the right attachments for it. Some vacuum cleaners come with them as standard, while others need to be ordered separately. If you're thinking of buying a new vacuum, here are the three attachments you've got to have.


Crevice Tool

1. Crevice Cleaner


This little tool usually comes with most vacuum cleaners, and it's vital for pretty much every home. As the name implies, they're designed to get into most crevices that your regular vacuum cleaner head can't do. This includes around your baseboards, the stairs, under furniture, anywhere you can't normally vacuum easily. If you have one tool, you must make sure it's this one. Check your new vacuum cleaner for this part. If it doesn't have it, check Electrolux central vacuum accessories sellers, as they'll have a range you can use.


The crevice tool has other uses, too. For example, you can use it to clear dirt from any small space such as a curtain rail, or on the seats in your car. If it's a small or awkward space, you should be able to get in there with this tool.


2. Dusting Brush


Round Dusting Brush As a homeowner, you may be busting out your trusty feather in order to handle your dusting jobs. They can be used to handle your light fixtures and window screens, but they're not actually the most efficient tool for the job. You'll be getting the dust off these fixtures, but it'll just be dusted off into the rest of your home, and not actually removed.


This is where the dusting brush attachment comes in. This brush comes with bristles around the head, that move dust off an item and clean them effortlessly. The best part is because you're cleaning it with the vacuum, the dust is cleaned away and taken out of the house, once you empty the vacuum cleaner.


Extension Wands

3. Extension Wand


If you don't have an extension wand in with your new vacuum cleaner set, then you need to buy one ASAP. You won't realize just how useful it is until you have it. With an extension, you'll no longer need to scale furniture or bring out the step ladder in order to reach the higher places in your home. Having one makes cleaning your home easier and a lot safer than ever before.


They're also perfect for locating those small and hard to find things, such as earrings, that get dropped on the floor. Stretch a pair of nylon pantyhose across the opening of the hose, and vacuum the area. The item you lost should appear stuck to the pantyhose!


Other Extensions To Consider


These are the core three extensions you need with Electrolux vacuums, but there are other extensions that are well worth considering. Here are some others you may find useful:


Floor sweeper: This attachment is designed to work on the hardwood and tiled floors, helping you pick up dirt quicker than a dustpan and brush. Perfect if you're looking for ways to speed up your house chores.


Radiator brush: If you can find a radiator brush for your model of the vacuum cleaner, you should buy one right away. They're amazing for making cleaning your radiators easier than ever. The fins on the attachment fit in your radiator, dislodging dirt and dust which can then be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.


Computer cleaning set: Did you know that your computer accumulates all kind of dirt and grime? Anyone who's ever opened up an old PC will know just how dirty they can get! A computer cleaning set will help you get into all the nooks and crannies, pulling out all the dirt and helping your PC run faster and better than before.


A pet groomer brush: Anyone who owns a pet knows just how much fur they can shed on a daily basis. You can just finish vacuuming, and then there will be more fur for you to clean up! If your pet will tolerate the vacuum cleaner, the pet groomer brush will groom them and suck away the excess hair right away, without clogging up.


There are all kinds of vacuum extensions out there, so use this guide to pick out the extensions that are right for you and your home needs.