Vacuum Attachments - What to Use and When

Spring cleaning isn’t an event everyone greets with enthusiasm, but with summer approaching it’s a good idea to start packing away the winter gear and getting ready for the heat. Now that it’s finally warm enough to head outside many people have taken the time to invest in vacuum attachments to combine with their central vacuum to start deep cleaning their home. Not everyone sees it as an exciting prospect, but something as simple as vacuum cleaner powerheads go a long way towards turning your unit into an unstoppable cleaning machine. 

Central Vacuum Electric PowerHead

Powerheads and BrushesThe vacuum electric powerheads are a versatile tool for any home unit and the term you “get what you pay for” has never been truer, but at an affordable price too! Powerheads, as their name indicates, are meant for power and they’re a great attachment for people who have bare floors and carpeting. People today will sometimes make use of the two and have bare floors in high traffic areas of the home like the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. This makes it easier to keep them clean since dust and debris don’t have a chance to get ground into the carpet fibers. Stains are less likely to happen since spills can be cleaned up easily and usually a good sweeping and mopping will do the job. Carpet is kept in the bedrooms for the sake of comfort and provides a soft surface for feet and protects them from the cold during the winter months.
The vacuum electric powerheads can transition easily from carpet to bare floors with the flip of the switch with all the power to leave the area free of dust and debris. The powerheads we have available come with different performances with the Sebo ET-1 and ET-2 being the “Ferrari” of our collecting. They’re able to work on low, medium, and deep pile carpet for a nice clean and with the flip of a switch be used on bare floors without hassle. 

Central Vacuum Brushes

These are the more classic cleaning tools for the vacuum most people are familiar with are the central vacuum brushes that rotate to clean a surface. These brushes are used mainly for carpet and how it works is the constant friction between the brush and carpet creates a friction. This agitates the carpet and allows it go through the fibers to knock loose dust and debris so it can be sucked up.
The bristles of these brushes do start to wear out over time, but so does the belt that’s used to turn them. When it comes time to replace them choose one that fits your vacuum cleaner and does the job right, and you may want to pick up a spare belt or two while you’re at it. 

Central Vacuum Floor Brushes

When you’re cleaning is less intense you may lean towards one of the central vacuum floors brushes that similar to the powerhead are a versatile tool. These brushes aren’t built for power, but more for convenience and being able to get into small to reach places like underneath furniture and into corners. They have continuous airflow that allows them to pick up dust and debris while easy maneuverability makes them a breeze to use when trying to get behind furniture or underneath tables.
Similar to the power head, they can transition from carpet to bare floors and there are even dust guards available for when you’re cleaning to get any loose dust particles that may try to escape.
Each of these attachments has a multitude of uses depending on your cleaning needs with some being versatile while others are built towards power. Your central vacuum cleaner is a tool that can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks and the right attachments can make it work efficiently for keeping your home spotless for the upcoming summer season.