What to Know When Looking for a Central Vacuum Hose

If you are looking for a replacement hose for a central vacuum, you may not be sure what to ask for. However, many brands and models are sold in the U.S., which makes it easy to find the hose that you need. Leading dealers stock most models of vacuum hoses, and can order any specialty items, including various tools and accessories, that you may need.

Variables in Central Vacuum Hoses

Your vacuum contains one of the three main types of hoses:


  • Basic Straight Suction Hose
  • Low Voltages Hose
  • Electric Hose

You can figure out which one you have by reading the label, referring to the instruction manual, or asking the dealer where you purchased the vacuum.                 

Once you know which hose type of hose you have, the next step is to determine the type of inlet currently in your home. These two steps will assist you in finding a compatible hose for your system.

Let’s talk a little more about these three types of hoses to help you make the right decision for your circumstance. 

A straight suction, or basic hose, is designed to fit virtually all central vacuum wall inlets. It is a crushproof, all-purpose hose designed for general cleaning use. Once you insert the hose into the inlet, the vacuum turns on. When you remove the hose, the central vacuum turns off. 

Our new premium lightweight hoses come in 1 3/8” diameter which increases suction up to 20% more than smaller sizes. You can choose from 20’, 25’, 30’, 42’, and 50’ high-quality basic hoses. Keep reading for more options.

A second basic hose option is the stretchable/retractable hose. It comes in two models, one extends from 5 to 20 feet and the other from 6 to 30 feet. This retractable hose is perfect for quick and easy clean ups. Pull it, and it stretches, release it, and it retracts. This slinky style hose has a kink-free design that stores in a small space. We recommend this as a quick clean option, but not as a primary hose. This type of hose offers maximum cleaning power with non-motorized accessories. Compare it to the other style hoses to make your choice.

Low-Voltage and Electric Hoses Are Other Excellent Choices

You may elect to replace your old hose with a low-voltage or electric hose that is compatible with your vacuum system. The low-voltage model has a series of low-voltage wires that run through it to provide power to the “on” and “off handle switch. This gives you complete control of the vacuum, and most cleaners come with a 360° swivel for convenience. The control allows the user to increase or decrease the suction power to meet cleaning demands. Remember: You cannot use low-voltage hoses with electric powerheads.

The last type of central vacuum hose we want to discuss is the electric hose. These hoses contain both low and high-voltage wires. The low-voltage wires are used to turn the system on and off. The high-voltage (110v) wires supply power to the carpet attachments, also called the powerhead. These models are convenient because they give the user control of the vacuum and powerhead at their fingertips. If you are replacing an electric hose, you must determine if your system has a pigtail hose or direct connected hose (pictured below). 

Hose Accessories Are Important Tools 

We recommend adding hose accessories to your vacuum for a safer and more convenient vacuuming experience. You can order hose socks, storage devices, parts, and handles.

A sock covers the hose from one end to the other. It protects:

  • The hose itself
  • Your furniture and floors
  • Eliminates scratches and other damages
  • Makes the vacuum easier to use

We recommend buying one of our premium socks for maximum protection and long life.     

Additionally, everyone needs a compact place to store their central vacuum hoses. Our Hose Hugger makes carrying and storing your hose easy and convenient. When finished using your vacuum, just roll up the hose and hang it on the wall. The Hose Hugger works with any brand or model and holds up to 50 feet of hose.

If you are looking for additional items, you can browse our extensive line of vacuum handles and parts on our website. Find everything you need in a one-stop-shopping experience.

Where to Buy Central Vacuums and Parts

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