What Vacuum Cleaner Is Best for Pet Hair?

If you have a dog or cat in the house, you may be asking yourself this question. Pets create particular cleaning challenges to remove their hair and dander from floors, furniture, and stairs. It takes a specific type of vacuum to clean pet dander from all types of floors. Cheap upright vacuums that many homeowners choose just don’t do a good job of cleaning.

 What Vacuum Cleaner Is Best for Pet Hair

Benefits of a Miele CX1 Blizzard System

The Miele CX1 Blizzard vacuum is engineered for hard floors, medium to high pile carpets, and homes with dogs, cats, and other pets. This model offers benefits that other brands don’t have:

  • 1,200 watts of power for super cleaning your floors.
  • 4 levels of suction to pick up dirt, dust, and stubborn pet hair.
  • A Mono-Cyclone Vortex multi-stage filtration system.
  • Massive airflow velocity of more than 62 miles per hour
  • The bagless canister separates debris and fine dust particles. Debris goes into a transparent dust container, and the fine dust ends up in a separate container.
  • The canister has a fine dust filter to trap small particles and dust.

Now, that’s a pet vacuum. Don’t you agree? But that’s not all this model does for you and your home:

  • There is a minimum of dust that escapes when the containers are emptied.
  • A hand-held Turbo Brush is a great attachment for vacuuming cars and tight places.
  • The filter is a Gore CleanStream fine dust filter approved by HEPA that lasts a lifetime.
  • The Blizzard‘s filter cleans the ComfortClean self-cleaning function.

All of these benefits translate into cleaner floors, furniture, and steps than your current vacuum can deliver. You don’t need to go over the floors several times to clean them. With its powerful motor, just one pass and it does a superb job. The four levels of suction allow you to adjust how deep into the carpets you want to go.

You will enjoy how easy this model is to turn with its DynamicDrive 360° swivel wheels. They are mounted on steel axles and are equipped with shock absorbers. They maneuver effortlessly in all directions and won’t scuff your floors. The Blizzard has an extra long power cord, telescopic wand, and suction hose that provide an extra-wide vacuuming radius.  

Wait until you try the one-touch cord rewind for convenience. If you have ever sucked up the corner of a rug or another object, you know how this can damage your old vacuum. This model automatically shuts off if this happens, thus preventing damage to your vacuum cleaner. These benefits make using the Blizzard a bit of heaven.

meile blizzard for pet hair

Cost of Miele CX1 Blizzard System

This Miele Blizzard model is only $899.00 and including all of its accessories. Plus, you get free shipping when your order from ThinkVaccums.com. Why pay more for a vacuum system that does not work as hard or pick up as much pet dander from your floors?

You get an exceptional vacuum that cleans deeply to remove unwanted pet hair from carpets, bare flooring, and upholstery. In addition, the Blizzard comes with a high-quality filtration system, floor nozzles, and integrated tools. You can so much more for your money and other brands can provide.