Do you Need Wholesale Vacuums for Builders or Construction Sites?

Wholesale Vacuums for Builders/Construction Sites

As a builder, there are many tools you may find you need when working on a new home, some of which are more obvious at the outset than others. Most people think of items used during construction, like saws, hammers, sanders, and drills, as the only tools a builder needs. But there are also many tools needed for use once most of the construction is done and the finishing touches are about to be put in the home. One of these tools is a well-made vacuum cleaner to help remove any construction dust from the area and leave the home ready for the new owners to move in.

Many of the processes that are used to build a home are messy by nature. After all, it would be difficult to saw, sand, drill holes and lay flooring without leaving some type of mess behind. When it comes time to hand the new house over to the homeowner, leaving all of this debris in place can lead to dissatisfaction. No one wants to move into a messy house, or spend their first day in a brand new home scrubbing away the mess left by the construction crew. The best way to make a good impression and leave the homeowner happy is to hand over a clean property that they can envision themselves being comfortable in for many years. A good thorough cleaning can go a long way towards delivering a finished home that your customers will rave about and instantly feel comfortable living in.

However, using a vacuum to clean the floor surface within a newly constructed home can be difficult on the vacuum’s system, due to a large amount of debris present in the area. The average construction site can have dust, dirt, nails, screws, and pieces of the wood present on the floor. To get all of those types of debris up off the flooring surface, it takes a high-quality vacuum system with strong suction. This allows you to have the floor clean as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Clean Up A Construction Site?

Some construction companies do not bother to clean the site while construction is in the process, preferring to let the home get dusty and dirty each day and clean it all up in the end. The accumulated dust and debris means that cleaning is made harder, and often a cleaning crew has to be called in to handle the process. This approach can also lead to other issues, including:

  • Debris pileups can appeal to bugs and rodents
  • Sharp objects, like nails, screws and glass particles can get hidden under layers of dust and end up harming workers
  • Dirt and debris pileups can hide issues and imperfections with the flooring and other home elements until it is too late

A quick regular cleanup of the work site can help to avoid these issues and keep you from having to pay a cleaning service to come in and get the home ready before the owner moves in.

Vacuums Help You Cut Costs

Some construction companies do not keep a vacuum on the job site due to the cost of having to purchase a new one each time the current one breaks. However, there are ways to manage this cost, such as:

    • Choose a highly rated vacuum that is built to last for many years instead of choosing a less expensive model that will not last as long
    • Purchase a wholesale vacuum to avoid spending a large amount on the unit
    • Replace vacuum bags, filters and belts regularly to ensure the unit stays operational for as long as possible

    • Clean the debris more often to help ensure that the vacuum does not get overloaded when you do clean

Why Consider Buying Vacuums Wholesale

Wholesale pricing can lower the cost of your vacuum by hundreds of dollars and make it possible for you to get a high-quality vacuum that might be out of your reach otherwise. Buying several vacuums wholesale provides you with many advantages, such as:

  • Provides you with a back up in case the current vacuum unit breaks and cant be repaired
  • Lowers the cost of having a vacuum onsite
  • Allows you to purchase a quality vacuum at a low price point

If you’re looking for a wholesale vacuum to have on hand to use on a newly built home or a construction site, Think Vacuum is the best place to shop. We have a wide selection of vacuums in every style and size to help you find exactly what you need at a price that works for your budget.