Why Central Vacuum Pipes Matter When Installing or Modifying a System

Whether you are installing a new central vacuum unit or modifying the system that you already have, the pipes that you use will be critical. When you purchase a complete central vacuum system, you will get all the pipes that you need for installation. However, if you are designing your own system using a combination of different parts, then you may be tempted to simply go for the most affordable piping that is available.

One thing that needs to be clear, is that not all home piping is the same, and not every type is suitable for use as a central vacuum pipe.

Can You use Standard Plumbing Pipes Instead of Central Vacuum Pipes?

Central Vacuum PipesStandard plumbing pipes are designed to carry fresh water to your home, or wastewater away from it. The interior of a plumbing pipe is typically up to 2 inches in diameter. Sometimes home renovators consider using a plumbing pipe as an alternative to specialized central vacuum pipe. This is a mistake.

While plumbing pipe is highly affordable and readily available from hardware and home stores, the actual design and quality of the pipe are not suitable for use with a central vacuum.

Plumbing pipe can be rough on the interior, and cut sections are typically rougher than custom made central vacuum pipe. Even minor irregularities on a plumbing pipe can cause the collection and build-up of debris, which could eventually block a central vacuum system. If plumbing pipes are connected to custom-made central vacuum pipe adaptors, then the transition can also create a point of blockage.

There’s no doubt that you would save money by purchasing plumbing pipe, but you would eventually spend more money on repairs, pipe clearing, and any blockages could even cause damage to your main central vacuum unit.

It’s simply not worth it, and that is why you should always use central vacuum pipes from a trusted vacuum supplier.

Central Vacuum Pipe Sizing and Options

The key purpose of a specialized central vacuum pipe is to minimize the chance of clogging in the system. Because central vacuum pipes run under floors and sometimes in wall cavities, any clog would require a significant amount of troubleshooting.

Custom vacuum pipes are designed with uniform sizing, smooth pipe interiors, and they have smooth ends to prevent clogging where pipes are joined directly or by a central vacuum pipe adaptor.

Standard central vacuum pipe size is 2”, and pipes are typically offered in lengths of 5 ft.

Straight pipes use a socketing system and PVC cement for bonding, so there is no need for additional adaptors or connectors between straight pipes.

When you do need to work around corners or change elevation, you can do so with 90-degree elbow adaptors, T-elbows, and 45-degree Y fittings. No matter the design of your home or where you need your piping to go, you will have plenty of options with the available fittings and connectors.

Should You Buy Pipes Individually or Purchase an All-in-One Kit?

If you are installing a new unit in your home and you don’t already have a central vacuum system, then it’s best to purchase an all-in-one kit.

Complete packages are sold based upon your home size, so you can be confident that you’ll get the perfect number of central vacuum pipes and fittings to reach all the desired inlets in your home. With Think Vacuums, you can even customize your central vacuum package if you want to have more options for where your pipes will run, and in which rooms you will have access to your vacuum system.

Explore Your Options at Think Vacuums

Don’t make the mistake of installing a vacuum system with standard PVC plumbing pipes. Custom designed central vacuum pipe adaptors, straight pipes, and all mounting accessories will ensure that your vacuum runs efficiently and that the potential for clogs will be minimized.

Think Vacuums is the best place to shop for complete installation kits and individual accessories. With high-quality central vacuum pipes, you’ll get the most from your investment with effortless cleaning for many years to come.