5 Reasons Backpack Vacuums Are Ideal for Home or Office Use

5 Reasons Backpack Vacuums Are Ideal for Home or Office
   5 Reasons Backpack Vacuums Are Ideal for Home or Office


When you’re tired of lugging around a heavy upright or canister vacuum, try a backpack model and enjoy the difference it makes. Their purpose is to allow you to quickly and efficiently clean your home or business. Many commercial and home users are making the switch to this type of vacuum and saving time and money in the process.


Instead of pushing or pulling a cleaning machine across the floor, you wear this beauty on your back in a comfortable harness. Additionally, leading companies have improved the ergonomics, power, and productivity of backpack vacuums to make them more efficient. If you have never used one, keep reading to find out why you will enjoy the benefits of using backpack vacuums




Reason #1 – Their Mobility Is Superior to Other Types of Vacuums

A backpack vacuum sits securely on your back, and all you have to handle is the cleaning wand and a tool or attachment. There’s no heavy upright to push across the floors, and with the proper vacuuming motion all cleaning is made easier. Fast and easy to swap out tools allow you to clean more places in a shorter time compared to upright models. Cleaning stairs, blinds, curtains, vents, and ceiling fans are a snap with a quality backpack. No more worrying about tripping on the steps or fumbling with a heavy floor model. While many backpacks have long cords that are up to twice as long as other types, most backpacks also give you the ability to remove the cord and add an extension cord of any length that is convenient. With a super-long cord, you can go from one end of the house to the other without unplugging your machine.


Reason #2 – Backpacks Are Less Tiring to Use

Have you ever finished a cleaning job and experienced aches and pains in your back, neck, shoulders, arms, or joints? The beauty of a backpack is that you don’t pick it up with your back or arms because you strap it to your back. Your legs do the work and reduce a lot of strain on the rest of your body, making this model safer to use as well as being convenient.

Reason #2 – Backpacks Are Less Tiring to Use

Additionally, these vacuums are not heavy like upright and some canister machines, which saves you strain on your lower and upper arms. Compared to ‘lightweight’ upright models, backpacks are much lighter, with some only weighing in at half as much. As a bonus, you don’t carry a lot of on-board tools and attachments, which further reduces the weight.

Reason #3 – They Are Efficient Cleaning Machines

Since most backpack vacuums are designed for commercial use, they are more powerful and efficient than average upright and canister models. Their well-designed motors do a terrific job of cleaning most surfaces, and several models have larger dirt capacities, which don’t need emptying or cleaning as often. The best backpacks use HEPA filtration technology that cleans the air better. Anyone suffering from allergies or other respiratory problems will be happy with cleaner air.

Reason #4 – Backpacks Are Cost-Effective Now and For the Future

A reliable brand of backpack vacuum is not a major expense. Since they are more durable and have longer useful lives, they save money in two ways – the initial purchase and fewer repairs. They also have fewer moving parts than uprights and canisters, which saves money in the long-run. Typically, you only buy one backpack instead of two uprights. Lastly, you get the work done faster with a backpack, which reduces the cost of cleaning. These vacuums are a win-win situation for the budget and the user. Try one today, and you will immediately notice the difference.

Reason #5 – They Are Available Online At Attractive Prices

Choose from the best backpack vacuum cleaners from our extensive inventory. The three leading brands we recommend for any home or business cleaning job are:

ProTeam makes two highly efficient backpack models

ProTeam makes two highly efficient backpack vacuum models: the ProVac FS6 and the LineVacer HEPA with High Filtration Tool Kit 100277. The LineVacer shown here has:

  • 744 Watts, 6.2 Amps, 124 CFM, 75 in Lift
  • Four Level HEPA Filtration
  • Whisper Quiet Operation 64 dB
  • 50ft Power Cord for Greater Cleaning Radius
  • 10qt Dust Capacity
  • Integrated Tool Belt
  • Lightweight Comfortable Design: 13 lbs

Sanitaire provide two great models

 Sanitaire provides two great backpack vacuum models: the economical Transport SC412 and the powerful Transport SC530B for cleaning large surfaces. Transport SC530B has these features:

  • 1380 Air Watts, 120 CFM Airflow
  • 11.50 Amps, 62.50dB
  • Lightweight Design with Ergonomic Harness
  • Four Level Filtration System
  • 14in Cleaning Path
  • Disposable Paper Dust Bags
  • Included Tools: Aluminum Wands, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Bare Floor, and Carpet Tool
  • 50ft Quick Change Cord
  • 10qts Dust Capacity
  • UL Listed and CRI Green Label Approved

Clean Obsessed offer two large-capacity models

Clean Obsessed offers two large-capacity backpack vacuum models: the CO6 6-quart Heavy Duty and the CO10 10-quart Heavy Duty (at left). The 10-quart model features:

  • The FINEST 8-Piece Deluxe Tool Kit in the Industry
  • HEPA Media Filtration
  • 115" Waterlift (Suction Power)
  • Ultra Lightweight, 10.5 lbs
  • Hose Stretches 4' to 7'
  • Built-In Heat Sensor
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Extra Cushion Shoulder Strap & Waist Belt
  • Exhaust Directed Away from The User
  • 90° Elbow Cuff Rotates 360° For Ease of Use
  • Swivel of Both Ends
  • Extra Long 50' Cord with Lighted End

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