5 Reasons Why SEBO Vacuums Are a Consumer Favorite

If you are not familiar with the SEBO brand of vacuum cleaners, you will be by the time you finish reading this blog. SEBO is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality vacuum cleaners, and they are backed by a rock-solid warranty. They incorporate features that customers are seeking and their technology is state-of-the-art.  Many upright and canister models are available for the perfect solution to your home or office cleaning needs. The following reasons to buy a SEBO tell the story of why they are a consumer favorite.

Reason #1 – Their Quality Is Unsurpassed

How good is this brand of vacuum cleaner? SEBO started as a high-end commercial grade vacuum company that saw the need to transfer its quality level to home vacuums. Their incredible quality and durability lead to increased demand in the consumer market and customers around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North American praise its quality. Sales in excess of a billion dollars attest to its value and customer satisfaction.

SEBO uses the best materials and workmanship in every upright and canister vacuum cleaner. Additionally, they have the lowest rate of repair of any vacuum cleaner brand which helps to create real value for any homeowner. They are premium appliances that come with high-quality accessories, tools, and attachments.

Reason #2 – Sebo Vacuums Are Easy to Use

SEBO Upright Vacuums and SEBO Canister Vacuum models are easy to use because of their advanced ergonomic features that surpass other brands. Some upright models even allow the user to seamlessly switch powerheads for a superior clean regardless of the type of floor surface. Other models are flexible enough to lay flat and effortlessly maneuver around and under furniture and other objects.

The Automatic Series features an automatic height adjustment that always gives an ultimate clean, and the automatic safety shut-off feature turns the machine off when the bag is full, or the brush roller jams. Most models are lightweight and easy to roll across any floor. Each model of upright and canister vacuum is made with the customer in mind.

Reason #3 - HEPA Filtration

If you want cleaner air in your home or office, you must try a SEBO vacuum with HEPA filtration. Vacuums without it leave some dust and dander in the air, and others just don’t have the power to pull all particles through the filter.

A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration system traps a large number of tiny particles when vacuuming floors, furniture, stairways, and other places.

HEPA vacuum cleaners are a must for homes and offices with allergy and other respiratory conditions.

SEBO HEPA filters trap at least 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns size and perform to the highest standards in the industry.


Reason #4 – Their Features Are Convenient and Desirable

SEBO upright and central vacuums offer features that are both convenient and desirable.

  • Ample room for onboard tools
  • Timing belts with clutch protection
  • Lightweight compared to other brands
  • Electrostatic micro-filters
  • Electronic brush control and safety shut off
  • Airbelt bumper on canister vacs to protect furniture and walls
  • Detailed wand with telescopic hose
  • Strong motors that have long lifespans

Once you use a SEBO Vacuum, you will appreciate its features and how easy it is to use. They are designed and manufactured to be convenient for the user and perform the deepest cleaning possible. Additionally, SEBO vacuums carry a warranty that brings peace of mind.

Reason #5 - Value for the Money

The definition of value is a high performance at a reasonable cost, and that’s what you get from all types and models of SEBO vacuum cleaners with prices that are more than competitive with other brands. Check these prices, and you will appreciate the highest performance in the industry:

Uprights – Start at just $499for the Dart Upright Vacuum
Canisters – Start at only $589 for the Airbelt E2 Turbo Canister Vacuum
Additional AttachmentsStart at $13.99

According to Consumer Reports, 88% of users would recommend this brand to a friend and gave SEBOs a 4.3/5.0 overall rating. You can be a satisfied user and customer by ordering the style vacuum you prefer from ThinkVacuums.com.


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