5 Reasons Why Your Employees Should Use Backpack Vacuums

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever with increasing business costs, government regulations, and foreign competition. Savvy owners and managers are looking for ways to increase their bottom line without decreasing the quality of their products and services. One practical way to be more productive and cut costs is to replace your upright vacuum with an efficient backpack vacuum.

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The benefits to using backpack vacuums have come a long way during the last decade with more powerful and quieter motors, better ergonomics, advanced technology, and lighter weight. Brands like Sanitaire, ProTeam, and Clean Obsessed are leading the way in today’s business world. Their vacuums are effective and attractively priced to fit any business budget. While using an upright or canister vacuum can be challenging when cleaning stairways and hard-to-reach- spots, a backpack is more like taking a walk in the park. The design of backpacks allows for comfort and ease-of-use, as well as eliminates the need to push or pull a heavy appliance around the office, display floor, or warehouse. This blog points out the benefits and features of backpack vacuums as well as three leading brands of backpack vacuums for your consideration, so let’s get started.

A Backpack Vacuum Is Speedy

A Backpack Is Speedy

If you think a canister vac is faster to use than an upright, wait until you try a backpack vacuum. Its powerful motor, maneuverability, and portability allows you to clean more in less time. Efficiency and performance levels are much higher than any average commercial or household vacuums you have experienced. Employees appreciate these lightweight cleaners because they are easier on the back, neck, arms, and shoulders. Since they can work faster, they become less sore and fatigued by the end of the day. The unit is balanced and held securely to the users back with comfortable straps that allow easy walking and turning. PRO TIP: Always ensure your employees are trained on the proper use and fit to get the greatest benefits from a backpack vacuum.

They Have Deeper and Higher Reach

Extend Your Reach

One of the reasons users get tired shoulders when using an upright or canister vacuum is because they must stretch and strain more to reach certain places because the unit is on the floor. In contrast, a backpack vacuum allows you to reach high and awkward spots because the motor is already at waist level, and the vacuum requires a shorter hose and wand. Additionally, it’s much easier to:

  • Walk up and down stairs while cleaning them.
  • Reach high spots like ceilings and vents.
  • Clean behind computer tables, desks, and wastebaskets.
  • Use assorted tools and attachments.

While it is easy to use the various tools and attachments that are available for backpack vacuums, many users find that they don’t need to change them as often compared to uprights and canisters. Go from floors to stairs to walls with ease and speed with the same attachment — clean corners and edges of floors and baseboards without bending over.

Backpack Models Tackle Allergens

Backpack vacuums are equipped with super filtration technology or HEPA filtration to clean more effectively. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and these filters can remove up to 99.97% of small particles down to 0.3 micrometers in diameter. They are made of fiberglass that acts as a sieve to catch even the smallest airborne matter, providing your employees with a more allergy-free and healthy environment at work. Allergy and asthma sufferers will thank you for this improved atmosphere.

These Vacuums Save Money in the Long Run

Sanitaire Backpack

Using backpack vacuums saves money in at least three ways month in and month out:

  • Because employees get the vacuuming done faster, you save on labor.
  • These vacuums require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts, which results in purchasing fewer vacuums over time.
  • They are less physically taxing, and employees ask fewer days off due to back strain or other injuries.

These durable vacuums are assets to any business. Try one, and we believe that you will find yourself ordering them instead of uprights and canisters. Some employers do choose to keep an upright or canister model on hand for general cleaning purposes for workers who prefer one.

Three Models You Will Appreciate

ProTeam Backpack

You get dependable performance and value with the following backpack models from Sanitaire, ProTeam, and Clean Obsessed. The Sanitaire TRANSPORT SC535 vacuum cleaner focuses on user comfort and convenience. It stays true to its manufacturer's reputation by delivering exceptional results in terms of air quality. The Sanitaire SC535 Backpack vacuum cleaner relies on a sealed HEPA filtration system and also includes:

  • 14-inch Cleaning Path
  • 10-quart Dust Capacity
  • 50-ft Cord for a Greater Cleaning Radius

ProTeam Backpack

ProTeam LineVacer HEPA Backpack Vacuum W/ High Filtration Tool Kit 100277 - For controlled environments that need clean air, such as computer labs and hospitals, use the LineVacer. This model meets the EPA’s definition of a HEPA Vacuum and includes a 1 1/2” static-dissipating vacuum hose, two Intercept Micro® Filters, and either a 50-ft extension cord for backpack models or a 15-ft hard-wired power cord for cart models. Enjoy these additional features:

  • Whisper Quiet Operation 64 dB
  • 10qt Dust Capacity
  • Integrated Tool Belt
  • Lightweight Comfortable Design: 13 lbs

Clean Obsessed Backpack

Clean Obsessed CO10 10 Quart Heavy Duty Commercial Backpack Vacuum - Clean Obsessed Vacuums design their units with the toughest motor and parts made to stand up to all day, everyday use. While these machines are built for commercial use, you can also use them in residential applications. The CO10 Backpack Vacuum comes with an 8-piece cleaning set and an extra-long, 50-ft extension cord with lighted ends for reaching a wider radius. This backpack vacuum offers HEPA filtration and is ideal for those who suffer from allergies. Talk to one of our vacuum experts at ThinkVacuums.com for answers to all your questions and for advice on ordering your new vacuum today.

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