6 Reasons to Buy A Beam Central Vacuum System

6 Reasons to Buy A Beam Central Vacuum System

Central vacuum systems are not just a trend; they’re revolutionary. If you’re building a new house or want to refurbish your existing one, you should consider having a central vacuum system. Few brands can rival the quality and reliability of Beam Central Vacuum Systems. Here are a few of the factors that could convince you that Beam is your ideal choice.

Health Benefits

Beam central Vacuum Cleaner People with allergies often suffer due to indoor pollution. Beam Central Vacuum Systems have been clinically proven to improve the quality of indoor air by up to 52%. The power unit of this exceptional machine is located in a garage, utility room, basement, or any other place away from the living rooms. Therefore, unlike when you are dragging around a movable vacuum cleaner, there is no recirculated dust in the home when you use a Beam Central Vacuum System. The central system removes all the dust, pollen, mites, and any other allergen that is in the living area directly into the central power unit.


Vacuuming can be tedious when you’re using a portable vacuum cleaner since you have to drag it around the house and up and down flights of stairs. However, with a Beam Central Vacuum Cleaner in your home, all you have to do is insert the 9m lightweight hose into one of the well-positioned inlets in the wall and control the power at the handle of the hose. These inlets are strategically located in positions where one inlet can be used to clean multiple rooms. Your kitchen will be squeaky clean with the automatic dustpan that comes with every Beam Central Vacuum System. You don’t even have to stoop or bend at all! All you have to do is click on its switch with your toe and start sweeping the floor using your broom as the dirt disappears.


Beam Central Vacuum Hose and Brush Nobody loves vacuuming, but we all have to do it. It gets worse when you have to drag a heavy portable vacuum cleaner with you as you bang into furniture and door frames. With Beam Central Vacuum Systems, you only have to carry an incredibly light cleaning hose.


Rather than dragging it along, the power unit of a Beam Central Vacuum System is located away from the regular living rooms. With the vacuum motor sitting in a garage, utility room, or basement, you won’t have to listen to the bothersome whirring motor noise while cleaning. That means you can vacuum as the children sleep, as you watch television, talk over the phone, or have a conversation with someone.

Performance and Power

The power with which any machine works affects its performance and most people think that the higher the motor power a machine registers in Watts, the better its performance. Nevertheless, there are other factors to consider. The waterlift of a motor is the measure of how much water it can lift vertically. On the other hand, its airflow is the measure of the force with which air moves across the surface where dirt is picked up. Therefore, the power, hence the performance of a motor, incorporates its waterlift as well as its airflow. A Beam Central Vacuum System gives you industrial level powerful suction, by producing up to five times more power than movable vacuum cleaners. Additionally, a Beam Central Vacuum System isn’t subject to any EU power consumption regulations; therefore, you have additional power.


You need all the right tools at your disposal if you’re to do the job right. Different floor surfaces will need various accessories to clean thoroughly. All Beam Central Vacuum Systems come with a combi-floor brush that alternates between an upholstery brush, a hard floor brush, a soft dusting brush, and a crevice tool for the tight spaces. Besides, Beam Vacuum tools and accessories are easy to find. These allow you to vacuum all kinds of floors, including hard and carpeted floor areas, without having to change your cleaning equipment. The Beam Alliance revolutionizes these capabilities by incorporating a dusting brush, a crevice, and a fabric tool – all in one cleaning tool. When thinking about building a home or improving one, a Beam Central Vacuum System is a fantastic addition. Furthermore, this unit lasts much longer than movable units.

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