Is The Cana-Vac Signature LS-690 Central Vacuum Unit Durable When Used Commercially?

Cana-Vac LS-69The Cana-Vac Signature line builds on the Cana-Vac tradition by using the best, high-duty, highly durable Tangential bypass motors from Ametek. They are more costly, but they can withstand the rigors of central vacuum use. Find a good Cana-Vac Signature model if you anticipate durability and efficiency from your 690-LS Central Vacuum System.

How Does a 690-LS Central Vacuum System Work?

The 690-LS Central Vacuum System provides a great HEPA Filtration System collecting dirt and allergens from your household down to 0.3 microns, a left or right intake option, a 5-gallon soil capacity, and one allergen dust bag.

This machine is a hybrid, which implies you can use it with or without a plastic dust bag. It is advised that you use a plastic dust bag to make the machine cleaner, have more filtering capacity, and extend the motor's lifespan.

The Cana-Vac Signature Series is intended for medium to large households with engaging everyday lives, such as families and pets. The Motor in the 690-LS Central Vacuum System generates 143" of water lift and 566 air watts. Tangential motors, unlike Flow-Thru motors, have a cooling fan for optimum performance.

The Cana-Vac LS-690 also has a muffler that pumps air to keep the engine cool while prolonging the motor's life and keeping it silent. The Cana-Vac LS-690 is built to last and features all-metal construction and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What Are The Unique Features and Specifications of the Cana-Vac LS-690?

The 690-LS Central Vacuum System is intended for homes up to 8,000 square feet. The LS-690 is a combination unit that can be used with or without a bag. This central vacuum machine features HEPA filtration, which captures 99.97 percent of all particles, soil, and allergens. It has a 5-gallon soil canister and a cooling inlet muffler.

The muffler helps fresh airflow around the engine, keeping it cold and giving durability to the system's motor. The Cana-Vac LS-690 can have optimum cleaning efficiency due to its sturdy all-metal design and ultra-quiet function.

  • Dual Intakes for easy installation

  • HEPA Self Cleaning Filter

  • Bag or Bagless

  • Muffler Included

  • For homes up to 8,000 sq. ft.

  • Dimensions 12.5-inch diameter x 40 inch unit height

  • Motor and electronic warranties are valid for a period of 20 years.

Is The LS-690 Cana-Vac Accompanied By A User Warranty?

690-LS Central Vacuum SystemThe LS690 Central Vacuum is a tough, strong, and dependable device popular among Okanagan homeowners because the LS690 employs an Ametek 2-fan 5.7" engine. The motor is a bypass mechanism with a cooling fan, which protects the LS690 from heating no matter how long it is in operation. The metal structure of the LS690 provides rigidity. Cana-Vac also chose to install the motor using bolts rather than springs to ensure that the motor remains in place on the wall.

Cana-Vac is so sure in each LS Series' quality that it offers a Warranty on all its vacuums! The LS690 is designed to fit in homes up to 8'000sq.ft., but we believe it works well in homes 4'000sq.ft. And smaller!

Why Is The Ls-690 Cana-vac Central Vacuum Fitted With  A Standard Air Package?

The LS-690 Cana-Vac Central Vacuum series is intended for medium to large homes where families, livestock, and vigorous everyday lives can put a strain on a central vacuum system daily.

  • HEPA Filtration System. 

  • Mufflers are designed to circulate fresh air thus, keeping the engine cool for added durability and silent operation.

  • All Signature models come with 3 Pack Allergen Bags.

  • More than a decade of limited warranty.

How Does a Tangential Bypass Motor Work?

When you choose the Signature Series of central vacuum systems, you get the heavy-duty output and durability of a Tangential Bypass Motor right away. Tangential motors, unlike Flow-Thru motors, have a special "fresh air" cooling fan for optimum cooling. Tangential Bypass Motor Work increases the life expectancy and provides Signature with a high-quality power supply.

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