990-XLS Central Vacuum System

990-XLS Central Vacuum SystemThe Cana-Vac XLS-990 is the best in quality and power. This central vacuum system contains a powerful 8.4" two-step commercial-grade peripheral motor. The system in this item is like no other. The Cana-Vac XLS-990 brings an amazing power of 710 air watts with a sole motor.

The Cana-Vac XLS-990 is a cross central vacuum, which implies that it can be utilized as a paper bag or a sieve system. The hybrid bagless or bag technology permits you to choose whether the paper bag or filtered option is ideal for you. The Cana-Vac spare bags are a fabric-like creation offering the best choice for allergen and dust protection.

There is no reason to be concerned about a low-priced paper bag tearing and dropping debris all over the house. This fabric-like bag offers filtration of 99.4% of dirt and allergens and hence no dirty hands, allergen-ridden dust trails, or mess! If you choose that paper bags are not your choice, then you will use the HEPA membrane Non-stick filter from the central vacuum.

This current filter is an improvement from the novel Micro-tex filter. The HEPA Membrane Non-Stick sieve offers superior percolation with its greater, self-cleaning, maintenance-free, operation and HEPA fabric. If you have had a sifted central vacuum system in the past, then you will really appreciate this new model filter. With this current non-stick filter, the debris no longer sticks to every fiber of the sieve. When the vacuum is shut off, most of the dust and dirt fall to the canister.

The Cana-Vac XLS-990 does not have a utility regulator assembled into the system, nonetheless, it does have a supplementary unit. The ease of a utility valve where you require it! Every so often, a central vacuum is fitted in a storage room or garage or does not give itself as the best site for a utility valve.

Cana-Vac provides a distinct 24-volt regulator to place adjacent to the garage door for easy outdoor washing of your car, boat, or RV. It can also be utilized as a supplementary valve in the home if required. Reach out to Think Vacuums today to purchase the Cana-Vac XLS-990 Central Vacuum System at 954-341-6072.

What are the Specifications of the Cana-Vac XLS-990 Central Vacuum System?

  • Dirt Capacity - 7 Gallons
  • Utility Inlet – Included
  • Home Sq space - 15,000
  • Water Lift - 152"
  • Venting Selection – Yes
  • Air watts - 710
  • Canister Construction - All Steel
  • Dimensions - 39" H x 15" D
  • Voltage - 120
  • Decibels - 59
  • Warranty - 15 Years

What are the Main Features of the Cana-Vac XLS-990?

990-XLS Central Vacuum System parts

  • Physical Override "On/Off"
  • Solid, all-steel structure
  • HEPA Membrane Filter
  • Utility Valve Role
  • Hassle-free, zero upkeep filtration
  • 1-Optional Allergen bag contained within
  • Muffler Contained within to decrease sound
  • Bag adaptor to change the unit to use bags

The Cana-Vac Signature line builds on the legacy on which Cana-Vac was constructed using only the best, long-lasting, and heavy-duty lateral bypass motors from Ametek. Although more costly, they take on the rigidities of central vacuum practice. For those who rate performance and longevity – pick a Cana-Vac Signature version.

The Cana-Vac XLS-990 Central Vacuum System is the best unit in the Cana-Vac signature run. It comes armed with an ultra-powerful by-pass tangential Motor that generates a 152" water lift and 710 air watts. The Cana-Vac XLS-990 is a cross unit that can be utilized with or without a throwaway dust bag and has a high-efficiency HEPA filtration that traps up to 99.97% of dirt, dust, and other tiny particles down to 0.3 microns.

Why Think Vacuums?

Think Vacuums is a licensed dealer of Central vacuum systems. We are a trusted, top award-winning central vacuum dealer. Our well-trained and highly educated staff of qualified technicians and customer service agents can help you in case you have any questions regarding the 990-XLScentral vacuum system. You can order the central vacuum system online through our website: thinkvacuums.com from the comfort of your home.

For all purchases above $50, we offer free shipping to your home or office. Reach out to us today on our toll-free line: 800-322-2965 or local: 954-341-2760 and order your 990-XLScentral vacuum system.

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