Backpack Vacuums: The Ideal Vacuum for Commercial Use

Backpack vacuums made for commercial and industrial use are heavy-duty equipment designed to stand up to the rigors of extensive use. Virtually every industry uses this type of vacuum including education, banking, hotel, restaurant, government, manufacturing, and many more. Backpacks are more powerful than both upright and canister vacuums and deliver the suction power needed for heavy foot traffic. This type of cleaning machine differs from uprights and canisters because everything you need is mounted on the back of the user. There’s no bending over to change attachments or empty bags. They are convenient to use, maintain, and store for any cleaning job. Backpack vacuums are ideal for frequent and heavy usage because they are ergonomic, powerful, and durable. Think about these advantages of backpack vacuums before you buy any new vacuum:

  • Backpacks use lightweight attachments, and wands carried on the cleaner.
  • They the user to be more productive by cleaning more area in less time.
  • Since they clean better than upright and canister models, they are healthier to use.
  • Employees can twist at the hips instead of pushing a vacuum to cover more area.
  • Backpacks are cost-effective because they have long life spans and fewer of them are needed.
  • There is less maintenance to worry about.

It is easy to extend your reach with a backpack since it is not on the floor. This makes it easier to vacuum walls, ceilings, ledges, and windows without changing to a longer wand. Backpack filtration systems and power rival that of central vacuums. Their attachments and tools make them more adaptable to any cleaning situation.

ProTeam Backpacks Are the Vacuum of Choice

ProTeam backpack vacuums have been the innovation leader for commercial use since 1987. Each model shows a high level of versatility by cleaning carpets and hard floors equally well. They are highly productive for stairways, dusting, blinds, and furniture. The best model rates 9.9/10 in a leading survey. Users have the choice of smaller models that hold 6 quarts of dirt, or the larger models that collect up to 10 quarts of dirt or debris. Other benefits you will like include:

  • ProTeam’s warranty covers motors, parts, and labor for a full three years.
  • The warranty also covers the vacuum body for life.
  • They are built to maximize productivity, save time, and be easy on the user.
  • They are made to exceed other brands’ cleaning ability.
  • They are known for providing the healthiest and cleanest work areas.

ProTeam models have all the features commercial and industrial users seek in a heavy-duty backpack. Buy the Line Vacer HEPA Backpack Vacuum with high filtration tool kit 100277 pictured above for only $560.75. It’s great for any business, and just look at what it has to offer:

  • Four-Level HEPA Filtration for cleaner air
  • 744 Watts, 6.2 Amps, 124 CFM, 75 Inch Static Lift
  • Whisper Quiet Operations at 64 Db
  • 50 Foot Power Cord for Longer Cleaning Radius
  • 10 Quart Dust Capacity and Integrated Tool Belt This lightweight, comfortable model only weighs 13 lbs.
  • This vacuum cleaner meets the EPA’s highest standards for cleaning floors and room air.

When you want the best backpack vacuum for your business, order the Line Vacer today.

Accessories, Attachments, and Tools for Any Backpack Cleaning Job

In addition to the vacuum itself, we also stock all the accessories you need for when it’s time to reorder. You can find everything from bags to belts and filters on our website. We carry only high-quality factory standard products that are durable and competitively priced, and we specialize in parts for new and discontinued upright, canister, and backpack vacuums. If you can’t find the accessories for your vacuum, contact us, and we will do the legwork for you.

We Make It Easy to Order Your Backpack Vacuum

Our comprehensive website is educational and easy to use, and our certified technicians will assist you in choosing the right model for your commercial or industrial enterprise. Our thousands of satisfied customers appreciate our knowledge of the vacuum cleaning industry and our friendliness when helping them with questions, vacuum cleaners, accessories, or parts. There are solid reasons why you should order a ProTeam Commercial Backpack vacuum. Large companies report an annual time savings of up to 60% each year by using a ProTeam vacuum. In fact, some tell us they save up to $29,500 annually in labor and vacuum cleaner purchases. This data from the National Franchised Cleaning Companies studies further show for buildings of 180,000 square feet that:

  • Custodians save 10 to 15 minutes per cleaning task.
  • ProTeam backpacks have lower repair cost of up to 90% compared to other brands.
  • • Users appreciate the lightweight machine because it is easier on their bodies.