What Do I Need to Know About Beam Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum?

BEAM Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum Power UnitInsightful ingenuity influenced the design of these central vacuum machines. The name Alliance was influenced by the fact that the machine works with you when vacuuming and keeps you aware of its performance. This exclusive brand offers all of the Alliance family's functional versatility in a functionally aware manner. With a 650 Air Watt motor, you should be sure that this central vacuum cleaner can perform every job in the building. 

The Smart Intelligent Screen has a motion detection backlit ring that illuminates when you enter, a system-active indicator that automatically switches the unit on and off instantly, a hose-connected indication, a blank bucket symbol, and a motor failure sign.

Further to that is an exceptionally high-performance motor, which has a higher output while using 30% less energy than traditional motors. The motor is powered by a self-cleaning Gore Technologies (Gore Tex brand) filter that collects 98 percent of debris at 0.3 microns without the need for specialized filter bags.

The beam is so optimistic of this filtration method that it offers a lifetime guarantee on the filter. The motor and airflow design also decreased noise dramatically, allowing in less air turbulence and a much smoother cleaning process. Another unique to Beam Alliance is the quick-release bucket. To remove the soil from the bucket, press down on any two points on the ring and pull the ring down.

What Are The Main Characteristics of Beam Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum?

This lightweight, efficient central vacuum system blends high-performance cleaning with versatile features, making it suitable for medium- to large-sized households.

  • Shared Communication- At the click of a button, Automated Fingertip Sensors electronically change suction and switch the whole device on/off. The control unit connects with the hose handle to keep you updated on the system's output when vacuuming.
  • Self-Cleaning Filter- The proprietary BEAM Self-Cleaning Filter with GORE-TEX removes 98 percent of contaminants such as pollen, bacteria, dust, and animal hair. The filter extends the HE motor's life, thus preventing output degradation as the dirt bucket gets full.
  • Press & Release Bucket- The BEAM Press & Release Bucket is simple to empty. To clear the bucket, press down on any two places in the ring and pull it down. On one side, the bucket is quickly snapped back into position—a translucent bucket for easy viewing of contents.
  • Reducing Noise Levels- The cover insulation around the motor compartment and the muffler is part of BEAM's Proprietary Sound Kit. Sound volumes are thus kept to a minimum.
  • HE Allergen Filtration- The HE Allergen Filter in the BEAM Alliance captures and extracts allergens, spores, pet dander, and dust mite pollutants from your houses and apartments. We are assisting you in creating a healthy home atmosphere for your family.
  • Built-in Quick Clean Utility Valve- With the tap of a finger, it opens quickly. The operated Fast Clean Valve allows you to switch on the machine directly from the hose handle, making it ideal for quick clean-ups around the control unit without the need for external inlet valves.
  • Smart Screens from the BEAM Alliance- With its special 360° LED light ring, the BEAM Alliance control system connects with the hose handles in real-time, showing the main system output and operating elements.

Which Components of Your  Beam Alliance 650SB Display on The Smart Screen?

      • A motion-sensitive backlit power-on indication.
      • Hose-connected indicator.
      • Bucket-empty indication.
      • Motor fault sensor.

BEAM Model 650SBThe Advanced Smart Screen (C) includes a motion-sensitive empty bucket icon, hose-related icon, backlit system-on indicator, and faulty motor icon. Besides, there are output bars, a motor speed tracker, a clock, and quick navigation buttons.

      • 650 air watts 11.7-amp motor;
      • Intelligent Smart Screen
      • Smooth start motor for longer life.
      • Sound intensity of 68 decibels.
      • Self-cleaning HEPA Clean Stream filter from Gore Technologies.
      • 6 ft. power cord
      • Receptacle for pressing and releasing.
      • Bagless receptacle of 15 liters.
      • A quick and clean inlet on the front of the machine.
      • A 15-year warranty on the motor and hardware.
      • A lifetime warranty is given on non-electrical components, including the filter.
      • One-year labor warranty

Which Accessories Are Included in The Beam Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum System?

      • Sound-Off Muffler, a noise-canceling device.
      • A bracket for mounting.
      • Installation supplies are not used.

How Much Is The Power Beam Alliance 650SB Rating?

      • Air Flow Rate: 121 CFM
      • 650 AW Air Watts
      • 11.7 A Maximum Amps
      • Thru-Flow motor type
      • Sound Pressure Level: 68 dBA
      • Rated Voltage: 120 V

Which are the Main Technical Specifications in The Beam Alliance 650SB?

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      • Coverage Area (approximately): 744.0 m2
      • Capacity for dust: 15.1 liters
      • Filtration Method: Hybrid
      • Permanent Filter Type: Gore Self-Cleaning Filter
      • LCD Display Technology
      • 15-year warranty / 1-year labor
      • H2O Water Lift Suction: 122

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