How Efficient Is The Beam Alliance 700TC 4-Gallon Central Vacuum?

BEAM Alliance Series 700TCN01A Complete System The innovative fingertip controllers on the Beam Alliance Central Vacuum designs dynamically change suction capacity and switch the whole device on/off with the click of a button. The Beam 700TC connects with the central vacuum hose handle to keep you up to date on the system's output when cleaning. 

A motion sensored backlit ring, system on indicator, hose connected icon, empty canister icon, and motor fault icon are all included on the advanced smart screen. In addition, output bars, a motor speed monitor, a clock, and buttons for quick navigation have been included.

What Are The Best Accessories To Equip Your Beam 700tc Alliance Central Vacuum?

The built-in HEPA filter on the Beam 700TC Alliance is exclusive for those that use clean air and are unable to vent the exhaust air outdoors like the other versions. The first layer of defense in filtration is the Gore Technologies (Gore Tex brand) self-cleaning filter, which separates 98 percent of particles at 0.3 microns without any need for special filter bags. Beam is so confident in this filtration process that the filter comes with a lifetime warranty.

If it's strength you're after, look no further than Beam's 700 Series Alliance central vacuum systems. Because these machines are so powerful, Beam had to give you the option to lower the suction for vacuuming areas that require less suction, such as blinds, cabinetry, delicate area rugs, and very deep pile carpeting. However, it is ideal for use on hard surfaces where sand and pebbles are usually difficult to pick up with standard vacuum cleaners.

The Advanced Smart Panel on the 700 series machines allows you to see device status information, motor rpm, empty bucket warning, and many more on the Lcd display. When used in conjunction with a Beam Alliance Hose, you will have complete control over the suction right at your hands.

Which Are The Important Aspects of The Beam Alliance 700TC Central Vacuum System?

Buy The Beam Alliance 700TC Online TodayYou have the option of choosing the simple sequence of Beam central vacuum systems. The following are the main points of the basic series:

  • This series' versions have a venting feature

  • Versions have a utility inlet

  • A programmable controller is used in these Beam vacuums

  • GORE-TEX Fabric is used to make the self-cleaning filter

  • Beam central vacuum systems are protected by a 7-year warranty

  • The bucket on the unit is normal

  • It can be used for homes up to 12,000 square feet in size

  • 700 Air Watts, 125 CFM, 122 Water Lift

  • For Homes Up To 12,000 SqFt

  • HEPA Exhaust Vent

  • Advanced Smart Screen

  • Motion Sensor, Empty Bucket Icon, Performance Bars Hose Link Icon, Motor Fault Icon, Clock and Error Code

  • LED Backlit & Ring

  • Powered Quick Clean Valve

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