Benefits of BEAM Central Vacuum Systems

Beam Central Vacuum featuresBEAM has been making cleaning more efficient and 
that allows you to clean without having to worry about the quality of air indoors. Beam’s in-built central system will allow you to clean without having to move around with the big heavy vacuums and having to loop around cords. This system allows for healthier spaces. 

BEAM began this journey of manufacturing these models of vacuums in 1957. 

Central Vacuum Systems and How They Work

Central vacuum systems, despite being small make a lot of difference in the cleaning experience. They are easily installed and include a two-inch PVC tubing, a power unit, and are usually installed in the basement or garage. The PVC piping is installed in the interior walls of the home. 

This system carries 100% of allergens, dust, and dirt to the central power unit. A lightweight hose is inserted into the wall valves. The BEAM model is super powerful and super quiet. It poses some futuristic features and lights up when someone walks past it. It has a clear dirt bucket which allows one to see when it gets full and should be emptied.  Here are some benefits of the Central Vacuum system.

  • Flexibility 

This feature lets you freely clean from room to room without the need to push or pull around a heavy vacuum. You work with the hose which allows you to access hard-to-reach places, without bumping into furniture and walls. It can be used in the garage, on furniture, stairs, carpet, and bare floors. 

This model is ideal for cleaning up pet fur or getting bugs out of the window sills. It cleans under fridges and stoves.

People without carpeting may think that they do not require this type of vacuum cleaners but this cannot be further from the truth. The BEAM model has quite an amount of airflow and suction which helps to effectively clean dirt and heavy sand that cause premature tear and wear of hardwood floors. Additionally, it cleans out grout lines on tiled floors. 

  • They are convenient.

An average BEAM central vacuum system is smaller than most other models which makes it easy to access under furniture and other hard-to-reach places and also moves from level to level, task to task, and floor to ceiling. 

BEAM uses cyclonic forces to separate allergens and large dirt particles from vacuumed air.

It has a self-cleaning filter that ensures no dirt or dust sticks to the BEAM surface. It has a self-cleaning filter that cleans itself once the system goes off. It also has a large dirt bucket that can be emptied as little as twice a year.

  • They clean the air.

Beam Central Vacuum A BEAM Allergen filter separates allergens in the air which offers relief to people with allergy problems. A lot of people are awed by the fact that they can breathe in fresh air soon after vacuuming without having to deal with allergies. This model boasts of zero dust emissions which is a great improvement from the other models that blow out dirty air back into the vacuumed spaces. 

Some BEAM models have HEPA filtration which despite their many benefits, we cannot overlook the fact that they take time to clean and dry and are also costly.

  • They’re sustainable.

BEAM is sustainable in that it is durable and you will not need to go shopping for a new vacuum cleaner every few years. BEAM central vacuums can last up to 25 to 30 years before you need to do a replacement. Other portable vacuums will last about 8 years. Another advantage to this cleaner is that it has a wide dealer network which means any time you need an expert, you can always find one. 

  • They’re quiet.

With the power unit installation being done away from the interior of the house, it works to reduce the noise normally associated with a running vacuum cleaner. You can speak on the phone while vacuuming and not experience any problems due to noise.

The Best Beam Central Vacuum of Choice

If you are looking to purchase a reliable vacuum cleaner that will serve you for years to come, get a BEAM Central Vacuum system and you will enjoy vacuuming. Reach out to Think Vacuums and get one today.

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