The Benefits of Central Vacuum System

Beam Central Vacuum OverheatingMaking your home look good is not an easy task and especially if your floors are carpeted. Nasty debris, dust, dirt, and crumbs will easily collect on your carpets, which means your choice of vacuum should be efficient to effectively take care of this problem. A portable vacuum is an ideal choice but it tends to be cumbersome as it requires you to drag the entire vacuum along in order to clean. 

A central vacuum system is more suitable as it provides you with the convenience of cleaning without having to drag the whole system around. Here, we look at the advantages of a central vacuum system that make it a better option than other types of vacuums. 

  • They offer more power: The central vacuum system is fitted with a large motor which makes it more effective in cleaning as it has more suction power. This large motor is efficient for the central vacuum system as it does not have to be moved from place to place. A central vacuum system is about three times more potent than a regular portable vacuum cleaner. Any dirt, dust, and debris on the furniture, floors, and drapes can be easily removed by the high suction power of the central vacuum system. 

  • Cleaner air: Many people may not be aware of this but it is important to know that dust, dirt, and pet fur does not always remain on the carpet. It flies around and circulates in the air causing a lot of problems for people that suffer from allergies. The central vacuum system, due to its power, cleans the air by removing any particles of dirt or dust that may cause allergies

  • Convenience: If your home consists of several floors that require constant cleaning, a portable cleaner may not be your best pick. Moving up and down the floors while dragging your cleaning helper is cumbersome. This is why the central vacuum system is efficient as it eliminates the need to keep moving around with your cleaner. All that is required for a central vacuum system is to move the hose around to collect debris, dirt, and pet fur.

  • Improved Home Value: A new feature in the home will automatically increase its value and so does a central vacuum system. Even though it is much easier to fit a central vacuum system into a home that is currently under construction, they are also fitted into homes that have already been constructed.

Beam Central Vacuum Versatility

  • Easy and Light To Use: The central vacuum power unit is placed in the garage or your utility and this means that to clean, you will only need to use the lightweight hose that is inserted into one of the vacuum’s inlets that have been placed conveniently around the home. This helps you enjoy an efficient yet easy cleaning. Another advantage is that the dirtbag on the central vacuum system requires emptying twice a year which means you don’t need to keep changing or buying dirtbags.

  • Clinically proven Health Benefits: Unlike other cleaners, the central vacuum system has been clinically proven to eliminate the possibility of recirculating dust thus offering relief to people that are allergic to dust. It provides for a healthier home by removing all debris and dust from the air, helps one enjoy the cleaning experience, and improves the air quality of your home

  • Up to 50% more powerful than a portable vacuum: A Central Vacuum System offers up to 50% more power than regular vacuum cleaners. It also has a much longer life expectancy than other portable vacuum cleaners. More power means more suction which translates to a more perfect cleaning job in comparison to other cleaners. 

Where To Buy A Central Vacuum System

It is not enough to just know that you need a central vacuum cleaner, you also need to know how to get one. At Think Vacuums, we are experienced in dealing with all types of vacuum cleaners and our experts will help you choose a vacuum cleaner that will serve you for years to come and give you the best cleaning experience you have ever had.

If you are looking for a central vacuum system, whether purchasing or fitting, we are here for you.

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