Beam Central Vacuum Use FAQs

Can a BEAM system be installed in my present home?

Yes! From new to decades-old, virtually any home can enjoy the cleaning power of a BEAM vacuum system installed in just a handful of hours without mess or disturbing walls by one of our professional installers. Call a reliable dealer for further details or learn how to do it yourself.

Can I use my central vacuum system to clean vinyl, hardwood, or ceramic tile floors?

Tools for a Beam Vacuum Installation Yes! Utilize the bare floor tools or have one of our most popular options installed: the VacPan™ automatic dustpan. It's perfect for removing debris from the kitchen, bath, or mudroom. Sweep dirt towards the automatic dustpan, touch the toe-switch, and use your Beam's power to remove it instantly. No more dustpans or stooping over to pick up swept debris.

How do I maintain A BEAM Central Vacuum System?

BEAM systems are practically maintenance-free. No lubrication or cleaning is ever needed. BEAM filters have an exclusive self-cleaning design from the makers of GORE-TEX® fabric, which is five times more potent than other leading filtration methods. The filter shakes off dirt and protects the motor, so a BEAM system works like new every time. Since the filter is permanent, there is no need to replace dirty, messy bags. You only have to empty the dirt receptacle two to three times per year.

How does a BEAM Central Vacuum System work?

For better air quality, more powerful cleaning, and less noise, the BEAM power unit is typically located in the basement or garage and is connected to well-placed inlets throughout the home via vacuum tubing. Plug the hose into an inlet, and the system is turned on with a switch on the hose handle. Particles are entirely removed from living areas and gathered in the power unit's dirt receptacle.

How does a BEAM System improve indoor air quality?

A BEAM system is more efficient at removing dirt and allergens because it has a larger, more potent motor than uprights – up to five times more powerful. Conventional vacuums are known to recirculate dust; however, a BEAM Central Vacuum System removes 100% of contacted dirt, pollen, dander, dust mites, and other allergens. It carries them from living areas to a canister usually located in the garage – to help improve indoor air quality.

Is the hose easy to use?

Benefits of a Beam Central Vacuum BEAM Cleaning Sets and hoses are extremely lightweight and crafted for whole-house cleaning from floor to ceiling. Unlike the short, flimsy hoses found on portable vacuums, BEAM crush proof hoses are designed to withstand everyday kinks and twists.

How many inlet valves are needed?

In most homes, only three inlet valves are required to reach each place with the hose and accessories. Each inlet valve, strategically located, allows you to vacuum on an area of ​​approximately 65 to 75 m2 (700 to 800 ft2). The power unit also has an additional built-in inlet valve so you can easily clean around the power unit.

Is suction power maintained throughout the whole home?

Yes! A properly installed BEAM Central Vacuum System offers the same powerful cleaning performance at every inlet, whatever the distance from the power unit and won't lose suction over time.

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