Beam Central Vacuums for Condo and Apartment Cleaning

Have you ever wanted the convenience of a central vacuum but figured that the unit and installation would be too costly? Maybe you thought that a central system wouldn’t be suitable for your condo or apartment?

In the early days of central vacuums, you may have been right. However, modern innovations have made central systems more affordable, more efficient, and easier to install. Most importantly, you can get models like Beam central vacuums that are suitable for apartments and condos, making your household cleaning easier and more convenient than ever before.

Why Should You Choose Beam Central Vacuums?

Beam VacuumsThe beam is a trusted manufacturer with high-quality products that are suited to small homes. Many of the innovations and features on Beam models have been designed specifically for townhomes, apartments, and condominiums.

Let’s take a look at the Beam Central Vacuums Serenity QS Series. Starting with the SC325 Model, you could clean a home of up to 4,500 square feet.

Living in an apartment or condominium is about convenience. Low maintenance and upkeep, and prime locations mean that your enjoyment and your lifestyle always come ahead of household chores. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t to clean your home; it simply means that you need more efficient ways of taking care of business.

The Beam Vacuums SC325 is perfect for a condominium because of its convenience features. While some central vacuums require the use of a bag or internal cannister, the SC325 uses a bottom mounted dirt collector. When it’s time to empty the unit, you will simply unscrew the collector, empty it into a trash bag, and you’re ready to reconnect it and start cleaning again.

The filtration system is also perfect for a condominium and busy lifestyle. Some systems use disposable filters that become ineffective after time. This can release dust particles and other debris back into your home. Replacing filters can become expensive, and it’s simply not the most convenient way of doing things. With beam central vacuum systems there’s no need to worry about replacing the filter because models use a lifetime self-cleaning system that maintains the filter as you go.

You’ll save money because there’s no need to purchase Beam vacuum bags and filters over the lifetime of the system. Not many vacuums can offer you that kind of convenience.

Noise is also a major concern, particularly in apartments and condominiums. A condo-sized model like the Beam SC325 produces just 69 dB of noise while operating. This is comparable to background music in a store, a busy restaurant, or standing 100 feet away from a large air conditioning unit. If you want something quiet for your home, then Beam central vacuum systems are some of the best available.

Beam Central Vacuum Warranties Inspire Confidence

So, you’ve learned about the convenience of a low upkeep vacuum, you know that you can get a Beam vacuum without the need for bags and filters, and you know that a Beam vacuum runs quietly. The impressive warranty is another bonus that could help you decide on this brand.

Some vacuums come with one or two-year warranties, particularly if you are buying a canister or upright model. With a central installation, you need to have confidence that you’re making a long-term investment. This helps to offset the cost of installation.

If you purchase a Beam, the 10-year warranty will not disappoint you. The coverage period goes above and beyond what is usually offered in the vacuum industry. This will give you confidence in the design and the manufacturing.

Even after the warranty period, you will still be able to maintain your unit with Beam vacuum parts. As a long-term investment, you won’t regret your decision.

Like Where This is Going? Check Out all our Beam Vacuums Available Today

If the sound of a bagless system, a self-cleaning filter, quiet operation, and a generous warranty are all appealing to you, then it’s time to check out our full range of beam central vacuums, beam attachment kits, and all our tools and accessories.

You’ll find that systems are surprisingly affordable, and with easy online shopping, there’s never been a more convenient way to buy a new vacuum.