Beam Central Vacuums Deliver Performance and Efficiency

The average size of a U.S. home is getting larger, and every increase requires a more powerful and efficient vacuum cleaning system. One brand of central vacuum that delivers outstanding performance is Beam. This award-winning company began manufacturing central vacuums in 1957 and has expanded its line to models that work well in any size home.

Beam central vacuum systems are affordable, attractive, convenient, and powerful cleaning machines for homes and businesses. The basic working parts include the power unit, power brush, dirt collection receptacle, and other cleaning accessories. You can order in a complete package that includes everything you will ever need to clean like a pro. The Beam Serenity SC300 model is a customer favorite.

Amazing Benefits of Owning a Beam Central Vacuum

To help you make a decision about which vacuum to purchase, just take a look at Beam’s incrediblebenefits:

  • They have powerful motors that clean any surface deeply and effectively while also extending the life of the system.
  • Beam units are quiet because they use a sound insulation system.
  • These vacuums incorporate self-cleaning GORE-TEX filters to remove allergens.
  • Cyclonic filtration with built-in permanent filters removes 98% of allergen particles.
  • Most models come with a paper bag option.
  • Ten models are available to meet any cleaning need.
  • Every vacuum comes with a lifetime warranty.

Owners of Beam central vacuums appreciate these features, but there’s more! They also use an On-Guard™ dirt receptacle that has been infused with an anti-microbial agent which helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Additionally, there is no power loss when the bucket is full, and the vacuum maintains high levels of cleaning for longer periods of time.

Last but certainly not least, their HEPA filters are a blessing to those that suffer from allergies and other respiratory conditions as they remove 98% of particles at 0.3 microns in diameter.

Don't Overlook Beam's Powerful Cleaning Accessories

The right assortment of accessories allows you to clean any area or surface just like a pro with ease, convenience, and power. The essential accessory package shown here cleans:

  • Any floor surface
  • Stairs and corners
  • Blinds and windows
  • Walls and ceiling fans

All these tools and accessories are lightweight and easy on the neck, arms, shoulders, and back. Cleaning your home becomes a breeze with the right tools for the job.

If you have specific cleaning needs beyond the essential package, choose among these tools:

  • Electric powerheads
  • Floor brushes
  • Air-driven turbo powerheads
  • Specialized wands
  • Car and garage tools

What You Can Do with Powerful Cleaning Accessories

In case you’re wondering what you can do with all these cleaning accessories, we will examine each of them. Electric Powerheads spin the brush rollers at higher RPMs for a more effective and deeper clean than ordinary powerheads. Dirt, debris, and dust mites are sucked up more efficiently, and you can get closer to baseboards and furniture.

Floor Brushes are a necessity in today’s homes that are tighter and better insulated than those of the past. New homes trap more dust and dirt particles that need cleaning with premier floor brushes. The EPA reports that 60% of U.S. homes are potentially hazardous because of indoor pollutions. The solution to this dilemma is to use a powerful floor brush on all your floors.

Air-Driven Turbo Powerheads use a high-speed turbine fan that creates superior suction for really deep cleaning. When you have a tough cleaning job, use the roller brushes to agitate dirt, sand, and other debris embedded in the carpet. This attachment brings everything to the surface and sucks it into the canister in the garage or basement. Additionally, they do not use electricity to operate, saving you money by never having to replace a motor.

Specialized Wands offer additional cleaning ability for many surfaces and include:

  • Extension wands
  • Telescopic wands
  • Button lock wands
  • Friction fit wands

Car and Garage Tools are also compatible with Beam central vacuums and work wonderfully for any garage or home workshop. They install in a few minutes to clean cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and ATVs. Just plug the accessories into the power unit, and you don’t need to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner around the garage.

Remember that dirt and debris collect in carpets and tend to break down the fibers of any height. The more “stuff” you remove from carpets, the less deterioration your carpets will experience. Our staff can assist you in choosing the right accessories for your home and help you stay within your household budget. We understand your needs at and want to help. Give one of our vacuum experts a call at 1-800-322-2965 today!