Beam Sc375 Serenity Quiet System Central Vacuum Unit

BEAM is one of the friendliest central vacuums on the market thanks to its Quiet PakTM sound-insulating material.

Utility Valve Has a built-in utility inlet for usage in the basement or garage. Through having to plug a hose directly into the service inlet on the power unit, you can easily vacuum your vehicle or clean your basement or workshop.

How Does Beam Serenity SC375 Central Vacuum System Clean The Whole House?

Serenity series sc375 central vacuum 3500 to 12000 square feet can be cleaned with 550 to 1045 air watts of fuel. There's a BEAM Serenity to suit your cleaning needs, no matter how large or tiny your house is.

Filter with Self-Cleaning Mechanism

Your filter would never need to be cleaned. Each time you switch off the cleaner, the Gore® Self-Cleaning Filter cleans itself.

Bucket with Twist-Lock Lid

It's simple to take out, empty, and replace the Twist-Lock bucket.

Mounting Device with Anti-Vibration 

The anti-vibration mounting device secures your machine in position for low-maintenance, silent service.

How Much Does Beam Serenity SC375 Central Vacuum SystemCost?

The SC375 central vacuum power unit, with its 650 air watt motor, is Beam's most common central vacuum power unit, and it is made in Canada as of 2019. This machine will clean homes up to 6000 square feet in volume and can do an excellent job in every home bigger than that. Tapered fans are used in the Beam air watt engines, which significantly improve airflow. This ensures they'll be able to scrub the hardwood and bare floors even more quickly because they won't have to go over the same area over and over. Soft start motors are standard on all Beam Classic and Serenity versions, which helps to avoid premature wear by allowing them to start easily. A big bagless 15 liter dirt canister twists off easily to be drained. Alphasan, an antibacterial agent intended to reduce odors, is encapsulated in the receptacle.

The permanent filter on this device, like all other Beam Central Vacuum Power Units, is covered by a lifetime warranty. Yes, there would be no need to replace or disinfect filthy vacuum cleaners in the future. The Gore TechnologiesTM HEPA CleanStreamTM filter is the only explanation that is possible. This filter, from the makers of Gore TexTM, is built to ensure proper airflow during its lifespan. A service inlet has been inserted into the front of the canister for your comfort. If the vacuum is located in the driveway, it is simple to connect directly to the canister for cleaning out the vehicle.

With its Silent PakTM sound isolation device, the Beam Serenity power units are built to work even quieter. A Sound-Off MufflerTM is attached to the exhaust to quiet the air turbulence coming out of the unit, eliminating unnecessary noise considerably. An acoustic insulation wrap and a carbon filter are both installed around the motor to improve the unit's air quality.

What are the Supplied Accessories for Beam Serenity SC375 Central Vacuum System?

  • Mounting bracket
  • Sound-Off Muffler™
  • Installation materials are extra

What are the Key Features of Beam Serenity SC375 Central Vacuum System?

Beam vacuum bags

  • 1 year labour warranty
  • Peak: 14.5 amps
  • Running: 13 amps
  • Soft start motor for increased life
  • 5.7" dual suction fan motor for better airflow
  • Gore Technologies™ HEPA CleanStream™ self cleaning filter
  • Sound level 76 dBA
  • Bagless easy twist off receptacle
  • 6' power cord
  • Utility inlet on front of unit
  • 15 litre antibacterial lined receptacle
  • Unit is 11" in diameter and 42" in height
  • Made in Canada
  • Lifetime warranty on non-electrical parts including filter
  • 10-year motor and electronics warranty
  • 650 air watt motor

Beam Serenity SC375 Central Vacuum System utilizes specially constructed tubing mounted in your home's walls to transport 100 percent of the contacted dust, dirt, and pathogens away from your main house to the central power station, which is often housed in the driveway, laundry space, or basement.

Simply place the lightweight hose through a central vacuum wall inlet valve to switch on the device. Most houses have one central vacuum inlet valve per board, with an average of three per house. The lightweight hose and inlet device allows you to quickly switch from room to room without needing to drive a bulky upright vacuum or drag a canister vacuum behind walls or valuable furniture, which can cause damage.

Since the control generator of a central vacuum is situated outside of the living area, where the engine of a handheld vacuum is located in the same space you scrub, Beam Serenity SC375 Central Vacuum System is much quieter than other portable vacuums.

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