Why Is the Beam Serenity Series Sc398 Central Vacuum An Outstanding Model?

beam-serenity-SC398-central-vacuum-systemYou can comfortably mount this Beam Serenity SC398 Central Vacuum System in a home or office up to 12,000 square feet size, thanks to the beam's biggest motor with 680 air watts. A 7.2" wide motor with double fans provides power in Beam's vacuum lineup, and the system was designed and built in Canada in 2019. 

Since the large motor has a longer lifetime than conventional engines, it is an excellent option for big homes or normal houses. Soft start motors are standard on all Beam Classic and Serenity models and helps avoid premature wear by allowing them to start easily. A 25-liter bagless debris receptacle with clamp connections provides a closer, more stable seal. 

Alphasan, an antibacterial agent intended to reduce odors, is engrained inside the receptacle. Like other Beam Central Vacuum Power Units, this design has a permanent filter with a lifelong warranty. Yes, there will be no need to replace or clean dirty vacuum filters. This filter, developed by Gore-Tex designers, is intended to ensure sufficient airflow throughout its lifespan.

 A service inlet is installed right into your canister's front for efficiency. If the vacuum is located in the garage, it is simple to plug directly into the can for cleaning out the truck or vehicle.

What are the Key Features of Beam Serenity SC398 Central Vacuum System?

  • Motor power is 680 watts

  • Running current is 13 amps

  • Peak current: 14.5 watts

  • For increased airflow, a 7.2" dual suction fan motor is used

  • Easy start motor for longer life

  • 78 decibels of noise

  • HEPA CleanStream self-cleaning filter by Gore Technologies

  • Central Vacuum System Beam Serenity SC398

Beam Manufacturing Company has been producing vacuum cleaners since the 1950s. Beam Manufacturing Company was sold in 1957, and Beam Industries was established under the leadership of R.L. Sampson. With the advent of Beam Industries, the main focus shifted to central vacuum systems. After 18 years as President of Beam Industries, John Coghlan resigned in March 2006.

He used revolutionary technologies to propel Beam Industries to the heights of achievement in the central vacuum sector during his leadership.

Russell S. Minick took over as President of Beam Industries in June 2006, and the corporation has since raised the bar for central vacuum systems in the United States. Their primary target was to reach 75% of new homes in the United States by 2016 and to expand in Canada steadily and globally. On January 1, 2007, Beam changed to Electrolux Central Vac Systems, a significant landmark. Currently, Beam Industries is also selling Beam, Electrolux, and Eureka central vacuum systems.

Why Should I Buy Beam Vacuum Products?

Beam Central Vacuum SystemBeam Industries have advanced a long way from its humble beginnings in the early 1950s. They are now regarded as one of the biggest brands in the world of central vacuum cleaners. Some of the factors why Beam vacuum technologies are regarded as among the finest in the industry are as follows:

  • You can select the power unit, system, and accessories based on your budgets, requirements, and available space.

  • Beam power units are regarded as the best in terms of clean-up and innovation. The power units are equipped with the proprietary Quiet Pak sound isolation system, making them one of the most friendly central vacuum power units on the market.

  • Cyclonic Filtration: Beam central vacuum machines use cyclonic forces to separate large dirt and debris and allergens collected from the indoor dirt. The vacuum system's built-in durable filter can effectively remove tiny and invisible particulates with a remarkable 98 percent efficiency rate. The majority of models have a Paper Bag option.

  • On-Guard: The Beam Serenity SC398 central vacuum system has an On-Guard debris receptacle that has been treated with AlphaSan, an antimicrobial agent. This aids in the prevention of bacterial growth in the bucket itself. As a consequence, when the bucket is loaded, there is no loss of power. This helps the vacuum system machine to achieve high levels of output for a longer period of time.

  • Different features: One of the most notable features of Beam central vacuum devices is the use of several built-in features such as cyclonic filtration, HEPA filters, and so on. Conventional vacuums have only one feature.

  • Beam central vacuum systems are complete units that are not only inexpensive but also appealing. You can use them successfully in both the residential and industrial sectors. All Beam systems have a control unit, hose, power brush, dirt collecting receptacle, and additional cleaning attachments. You can also get a comprehensive download manual as well as a guide explaining how to install it.

Where Can I Get Legit Beam Serenity SC398 Central Vacuum System?

Beam offers several types of central vacuum systems, the most common of which is the Serenity IQS. ThinkVacuums.com is a Beam Vacuum Approved Dealer. Beam Central Vacuum Systems and Beam Products can be subject to sales limits. If you need help finding a Beam dealer in your city, please call us at 1.800.322.2965.

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