Six Benefits of a Central Vacuum

Clean Your Home with Ease with a Central Vacuum

Most central vacuums consist of a built-in vacuum power unit, centrally located, which contains the vacuum motor and dirt collector or canister. From the central vacuum unit, tubing is simply routed through walls by way of the attic or under floors to conveniently located wall inlets. When vacuuming, a lightweight, flexible hose is inserted into the wall inlets which turns on the central vacuum. With a set of central vacuum attachments, all surfaces may be cleaned with ease of use. After cleaning is finished, the central vacuum hose is put away and out of sight. HowStuffWorks provides a simple explanation of how they work. features a wide array of top-name central vacuum systems and parts. As your premier central vacuum headquarters, we showcase all the latest vacuums, tools, accessories, and parts. You simply need to browse our extensive inventory for residential, commercial and industrial use. As always, we are here to help you find the right brands to meet all your needs and budget. We can also help you select the right accessories; bags, filters, hoses, power-heads, brushes and much more. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to get the right central home or commercial vacuum systems for your property.

Why Choose A Central Vacuum System?

We are committed to excellence in vacuum products and customer service. We also stand by all our top-name central vacuums, parts and accessories. As always, we are here to help you with detailed product information and assistance. To start, here are six benefits of central vacuums for the home, office or industry:

  • Central vacuum cleaning systems improve the air quality in your home or business.
  • These units are more efficient and powerful than upright or canister vacuum cleaners.
  • Central vacuum systems are economically installed and can be adapted into any new or existing home.
  • These cleaning systems are lightweight, mobile, and easier to handle than bulkier, older vacuum cleaners.
  • Central vacuum motors can be installed in garages, basements, attics or crawlspaces that are out of the way of human and pet traffic. They connect your home via wall mounted inlets. – where you simply need to attach hoses and clean any places as desired.
  • Central units also remove the need for portable vacuum cleaning systems.
  • They are quiet since the motor is out of the living area.
  • Central vacuum systems add market value to your home.

When buying a central vacuum system, it is important to make sure the unit is powerful enough to effectively pull dirt through the system. You must take into consideration the square footage of your home, the amount of central vacuum PVC pipe used, and the necessary suction power of the unit. Central Vacuum systems produce powerful suction because they contain a larger, stronger motor while some units contain two motors. The vacuum motor consists of electrical components attached to a fan or multiple fans. When the fans spin, a partial vacuum is created and the pressure inside the vacuum cleaner drops below the existing air pressure in the room. Because air pressure is higher outside the central vacuum than inside, air rushes through the vacuum.

These units are more efficient and powerful than upright or canister vacuum cleaners.

More Advantages Of Central Cleaning Systems

Enjoy the Advantage of a Central Vacuum

Central vacuum cleaners continue to receive top-notch industry and customer reviews. In fact, our products received Top Rated and Best Choice Reviews in 2020. Our products are proudly made designed with environmentally-friendly, green options. Central units are also designed to clean hard-to-reach spaces, as well as hardwood flooring, carpeting, upholstery, curtains, sofas, crevices and much more. Here are more advantages of investing and owning a new central vacuum cleaning system:

  • Central vacuum cleaners can easily pick up and remove dust, dirt, grime and hidden particles from all types of flooring. You also have your choice of bagged units, bag-less machines and filters as well.
  • These units are great for deep-shag carpets, rugs, and sectional sofas.
  • You have your choice of many attachments and accessories ; hoses, brushes, wall or floor mounted inlets, power-heads, sweepers, floor sweepers and much more.
  • Central vacuum cleaners are top-rated systems that are more convenient than traditional upright and canister units.
  • We offer a wide selection of the best central vacuums at cost-affordable rates. Their prices are as low as ever. We offer a range of discounts for all units, parts, replacement units, and accessories.
  • Simply browse our inventory with detailed product information, photos and reviews.

The Health Benefits Of Central Vacuums

Central vacuums are designed to improve air quality in homes and businesses. This is a great benefit for loved ones or co-workers that have respiratory or breathing issues. Also, these units help balance the amount of moisture in your house. They are also designed to stretch and extend to nearly every room in your house. You have the option of having one or two system units installed for larger homes with multiple floors that may require separate units for essential cleaning purposes. It is also important to understand that while central vacuums can clean floors, rooms, and carpeting – they are not like traditional or conventional vacuums. Central vacuum systems are permanent fixtures that are usually installed in basements, garages or storage rooms. These units are equipped with large collection containers to hold more dust, dirt, pet dander, and debris that require less frequent emptying. Units also come with your choice of disposable bags or bagless systems. Find out how to install a central vacuum system.

Which Brand of Central Vacuums Do We Recommend?

                                                      DrainVac is a Top Choice

DrainVac is the best central vacuum in the industry for 2019 and 2020 because of its features, technology, power, and competitive prices. DrainVac has been Chosen by both TLC and WE Television Network to be featured on a special segment produced by "Designing Spaces." It features DrainVac's Think Green central vacuums for healthier homes. DrainVac is America's top choice for over 35 years with builders and professional installers. For more information on central vacuum cleaning systems, simply contact us today or visit our website.

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