The Benefits of Owning a NuTone Central Vacuum System

The Benefits of Owning a NuTone Central Vacuum System

NuTone Central Vacuum Unit and Accessories There are many benefits of owning a NuTone central vacuum. One, NuTone has consistently made central vacuum systems that provide innovative features and optimal efficiency at competitive prices without compromising the quality of its units. Wondering what are the benefits of owning a central vacuum system versus a conventional vacuum? Here are just a few:

  • Easier to use due to the lighter, more compact unit
  • 3 to 5 times more powerful than the traditional upright vacuum cleaner
  • Quieter because the power unit is located in a remote place, like a basement or garage
  • Improved air quality because the absorbed air is expelled outside your home; the dust particles and allergens are not scattered all over the room as they would with a conventional vacuum

With these features in mind, the experts at NuTone created and engineered revolutionary central vacuum systems that are powerfulversatile, and incredibly convenient. Purchase NuTune Central Vacuum NuTone high-performance central vacuum systems make cleaning your household easier in every way. Easy installation, an easy-to-remove remains pail, and a permanent self-cleaning filter makes cleaning a pleasure. NuTone’s hybrid models (NCKIT3500 and NCKIT5500) give you the added flexibility of selecting how you use the system: the Cyclonic mode captures debris in the pail, the Bag mode captures all debris in an easy-to-remove, not a reusable bag. The decision is yours! Affordable, reliable, and durable, NuTone central vacuums are manufactured entirely in the United States following high quality and safety standards. They are designed to assure performance and peace of mind for several years.

A Hybrid Solution

Use a large-capacity disposable bag with the NCKIT1500. Or choose the NCKIT3500 or NCKIT5500 model, which provides a bag or bagless option according to your preference.

Convenient in Every Way

Large ergonomic latches on the debris pail make emptying your central vacuum kid’s play. The easy-to-remove debris pail facilitates handling and limits contact with dust.

HEPA Filtration

Hepa Filtration Captures up to 99.97% of all dust and particles. Makes sure that exhausted air is clean thus may help to reduce symptoms associated with allergies and respiratory problems.

Powerful Cleaning

Up to 700 air watts, thanks to new Thru-Flow motor. Up to 18% more powerful than the previous product generation. Perfect for homes up to 9,000 sq. Ft.

Designed for Quiet Operation

Thru-Flow motor allows quieter overall operation. No muffler required—no air vents needed for the power unit.

Reliable and Durable

Proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S. to high quality and safety standards.

Perfect for New or Replacement Installations

A multi-direction vacuum inlet makes installation easy, even in small areas. Every model includes a wall mount support for safe and straightforward installation.

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