Benefits of Owning an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Many have said that uprights are America’s vacuum cleaners and based upon the sales and dollars spent on advertising them, it’s probably true. Other vacuum models including canister, backpack, and central vacuums are just not in the limelight. Because the vast majority of homes and offices are cleaned with uprights, we will explore why they are favorites.
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If you are in the market for a new vacuum, revisit the benefits of a leading upright model:

  • Upright vacuums are typically the most affordable models.
  • You can reach difficult and tight places with the right tools and attachments.
  • This type is ergonomically correct because of many recent design advancements.
  • They take up little storage space in closets and utility rooms.
  • Uprights have become more versatile, and most have automatic shutoffs.
  • Leading models have automatic height adjustments that make vacuuming more efficient.

Uprights vacuum cleaners generally provide a wider cleaning path than other types. That means cleaning floors is faster, and they are effective when cleaning an area in both directions. Additionally, they eliminate bending over compared to a canister model, which is welcomed by those with back or knee issues.

What Homeowners Have to Say About Their Upright Vacuums

Homeowners like upright vacuums because they are easy to use and empty. They are also simple to understand because you just plug one in and start cleaning. Having onboard attachments is another plus for uprights because you can add two or more tools for the job at hand and change one when needed.

Users like them because they are terrific on any type of flooring and their wide-body models allow you to cover more area in less time. Many homeowners prefer bagless vacuums because you remove the collection canister and dump it in the trash can outside. There is no fuss or mess emptying or cleaning bags with a bagless upright vacuum. If you think the average upright is a bit too heavy, you can opt for a lightweight model. Several leading brands carry models that weigh less than ten pounds and still do an effective job. You can order a powerful model that has strong rotating brushes that are ideal for cleaning carpets. Lastly, a wide assortment of accessories, tools, and attachments make using an upright vacuum cleaner a pleasure.

5 Effective Tips for Cleaning with an Upright Vacuum

Many of us hurry through vacuuming our homes which leads to an inefficient cleaning effort. Instead, try using these effective ideas for better cleaning and longer vacuum cleaner life:

  • Empty the canister or bag regularly. You should never let your collection canister fill up before vacuuming because it will reduce the appliance’s suction power. The best policy is to empty it or the bag when either one is half full. Vacuuming with too much debris in the machine is a waste of time and effort. Take the time to completely empty the contents and do a better cleaning job.
  • Vacuum slowly. Most people hurry their vacuum cleaning which is always a mistake because this simply passes over deep-down dirt and debris.  Slow down when vacuuming and push the upright in both directions when going over dirtier-than-normal areas. You will be glad you did.
  • Move your furniture. At least once a year, clean under all heavy furniture like couches, sofas, lounge chairs, and other movable items.  Move these items out into the center of the rooms and pick up things that should not be vacuumed. Be sure to clean the walls and baseboards behind the furniture and vacuum the floor area twice. These areas collect a lot of dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris.
  • Dust, then vacuum. Most of us complete our vacuuming sessions backward instead of the correct way. Begin by dusting the furniture, blinds, walls, artwork, and window sills before vacuuming. Wait at least fifteen minutes to let the dust settle to the floor, and then vacuum it all up.
  • Clean the roller brush. Be sure to check the roller brush for hair, string, and other obstructions before each cleaning session to get the most out of your upright vacuum cleaner.
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