The Best Central Vacuum Pipes for New Installs and Upgrades

A central vacuum is one of the most convenient appliances you can own. Providing powerful, safe, and hygienic cleaning, installing a central vacuum unit will literally change your life. To get the most from your vacuum, you’ll need a set of high-quality central vacuum pipes. These pipes are just as important as the main unit and accessories, whether you are installing a new system or even if you are extending one you already have in your home.  NEVER use Plumbing PVC. Premium quality virgin "Flomax Gold". 



Not every PVC pipe is created equal, and not just any plumbing pipe will do for a central vacuum system



6 Reasons Why our Schedule 20 Pipe is the Right Choice Instead of Schedule 40

  1. Schedule 40 and others often contain pinholes (from Impurities during Manufacturing) that will cause your central vacuum to lose its suction power.
  2. These Flomax gold pipes are perfectly smooth on the inside and out to maximize the aerodynamics (suction) of your system.
  3. The Bell Ends on our pipes make it easy (and saves time) to install and avoid fitting falling off. 
  4. Flomax gold Central Vacuum pipe is Premium pipe and Doesn't crack like cheaper PVC pipes or Schedule 40 pipe
  5. Some cheaper pipes will have thin walls (check out the video), not Flomax gold. Our pipe is made to precision and is even throughout. 
  6. On Schedule 40 Pipes the heat in your attic will cause the pipes to sag and bend out of shape causing issues in the future. carries only true central vacuum PVC Pipe. We ship only premium quality, Flomax Gold, thin, certified schedule 20 PVC with 2" O.D and bell ends.

Before you even purchase a central vacuum pipe, adapters, and other mounting accessories, you may be wondering about vacuum pipes vs. standard PVC plumbing pipe. Although the two might appear to be the same, they are actually quite different.

Plumbing pipe is designed to carry free-flowing water at relatively low pressures. The movement of the liquid means that there is little chance for particles to get trapped along the piping, even along joints and adapters.

 Air is a completely different story, and the debris that moves through a central vacuum system at high velocity could easily become caught on irregular joints and fittings. To put it simply, standard plumbing pipes aren’t manufactured to the same standards as specialized central vacuum pipes. Pipe ends are typically rough cut, and this can allow debris to collect and form blockages.


Bell End PVC Pipe for Vacuums

Always insist on purpose-built central vacuum pipes when you are installing a new system or adding to the one that you already have.

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Is There a Standard Central Vacuum Pipe Size?

 2.0 Inch Outside Diameter (OD) is the standard central vacuum pipe size used today. Pipes available at Think Vacuums are made to exacting Schedule 20 standards, so they’re perfect for all our central vacuums available to buy today, as well as any system that you might already have installed in your home.

 Standard industry sizing means that you can get the perfect central vacuum pipe adapters, fittings, and accessories. Additionally, the install will be much faster and easier as you won’t have to worry about step-down or step-up adapter sizes in most cases.

 In rare instances, you may need to incorporate 2” pipes into a 1-¾” inch system, and there are adapters available for this. If you have an existing system with the smaller pipe diameter, using the highest quality fittings and adapters will ensure that the whole system is efficient and clog-free.



Installing Complex Systems in Larger Homes

 You will have plenty of options for pipes and fittings, even if you have a large, multi-level, or complex home layout. Central vacuum pipes can be routed up, down, around corners, and split off in multiple directions so that you can have outlets in all the most convenient areas of your home.

 There is a wide range of central vacuum pipe adapters available, including 90-degree elbow joints, tee fittings, wye fittings, and three-way adapters.

 Using high-quality pipes and fittings specifically designed for central vacuums will ensure that you can easily make smooth connections that allow for efficient airflow without blockages. If you’re thinking about performing a DIY installation and need help with the fittings and pipes that are available, you can talk to our experienced professionals at Think Vacuums.



Get the Best Central Vacuum Pipes at Think Vacuums

 When you need the highest quality central vacuum pipe fittings and other parts you can trust the team at Think Vacuums. We stock a wide selection of all pipes, connectors, adapters, fittings, mounting accessories, and everything else that you need for a highly efficient vacuum. From PVC cement to low-voltage wire for your inlets, we have it all, at the industry’s lowest prices.

 With the best central vacuum pipes, you won’t have to worry about clogs, poor performance, or unnecessary repairs in the future. Explore the range today and enjoy the convenience of a central vacuum in your home.