Choosing the Best Central Vacuum Powerhead in 2021

Once you get the best central vacuum for your home, the next step should be finding the best powerhead that matches your requirements. There are numerous options in the market, but you must get value for money at the end of the day. On this piece, we look at the best central vacuum powerheads and how to select them.

Even though central vacuum systems ideally have powerheads, you may require to replace yours. Whether you want to replace a worn-out powerhead or just to upgrade, you need to purchase the absolute best. This way, you will receive the best service from your installation.

How to Select the Top Central Vacuum Powerhead

Electric Powerheads for Central VacuumsAs always, it’s good to have an idea of what to consider when shopping for a powerhead for your central vacuum system. These are the most significant factors to consider when choosing the best central vacuum powerhead:

Air Turbine vs. Electric Powerheads

This is the most vital thing to check. Air Turbine powerheads rely on the air flowing through the central vacuum for suction. In contrast, Electric turbines generate suction using their motors.

If you are lucky, there are suitable controls on your hose. These permit you to turn the motor on or off depending on where you’re cleaning.

Air Turbine powerheads, therefore, are perfect for bare floors, low-pile carpets, and area rugs. Additionally, Electric powerheads are better suited for deep cleaning and high-pile carpets. Air Turbine powerheads are also referred as Air-Driven powerheads.


Compatibility is also a very crucial thing to consider. Many aftermarket or replacement powerheads are compatible with a wide range of central vacuums. Many powerheads are compatible with central vacuums.

Flooring category

Does your household have bare floors or carpets? Does it have a combination of both? How thick are your carpets? Do you love area rugs? These are crucial questions that you require to answer before going all out on a particular floor head. As specified above, if you have don’t have soft or thick carpets, you can purchase an Air Turbine powerhead. Or else, an Electric powerhead is the best pick.

Another thing you need to consider is height adjustment. This is crucial if you have a combination of carpets and hard floors. Height adjustment enables you to transition from bare floors to carpets to rugs with ease. Height adjustment can be manual or automatic – just make sure it’s there.


Your vacuum powerhead needs to be easy to carry from one room to the other. So, make sure that you know how heavy it is. Unless you live alone, you may want to purchase one that can be easily carried by any occupant that participates in the cleaning duties.

This is even more important if you have stairs. The heavier it is, the more problematic it will be to carry up and down the stairs as you clean.

Cleaning Path

There are two ways to look at this. First, the wider the powerhead, the faster it takes to finish vacuuming the household/room. Nevertheless, if the cleaning path is wide, you may struggle to clean tight spaces in the house. Thus, you need to pick wisely as per your home’s arrangement.

Roller brush

The quality of the roller brush is directly proportional to how well it will clean the floor and its duration. We advise that you stick the ones made of high-quality material such as steel. Also, if you can replace the brush instead of buying the whole powerhead, go for it!


Functionally, belts are very crucial in powerheads. The three categories of belts that can be found on powerheads are:

  • Flat belt
  • Poly-V belt
  • Cogged/Geared belt

While they serve the same function, the lifespan of every belt type is different. Geared belts are the most durable preceded by Poly-V belts, then flat belts.

Low-profile design

Low Profile Central Vacuum Cleaner Powerhead This is not a must, but it is essential for anyone who wants to clean under couches, tables, chairs, or beds. A powerhead with a low-profile design enables you to vacuum under low-lying furniture without much struggle. Also, it saves you the need to purchase unnecessary attachments of hand vacuums.

Warranty & customer support

A product that is backed by adequate warranty coverage is the best. Apart from showing that the manufacturer has confidence in the product, you are covered in case there are faults. Also, you may want to skim through buyer feedback to see how available and supportive the manufacturer is.

Bottom Line

If you are in pursuit of the best central vacuum power nozzle, this is the place to be. We have hand-picked the top central vacuum powerheads so that you can make an informed choice. Electric powerheads are a good choice since they can basically clean all floor types. Air-driven powerheads, in contrast, are a bit limited.

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