Central Vacuum System Parts

When figuring out the best way to go about replacing your old central vacuum unit, due to malfunction, you should consider getting the parts that are not working replaced. 

Replacing Central Vacuum Parts

Central vacuum motorCentral vacuums are less complicated in reference to accessories and spare parts. It is important to note that only the central vacuum motor moves in a central vacuum system. The rest of the parts are electrical and immobile. It is, therefore, easier to replace a central vacuum's components instead of replacing the whole system. It is also way cheaper to replace a malfunctioning part rather than buying a whole new system

Why you Need to Replace Malfunctioning Central Vacuum Parts

If your unit is really old, it is recommended that you change it. A new system will come inclusive of a warranty that will cover any future costs, be it repair or replacement. These are costs you would have to pay out of your pocket if you are replacing a unit without a warranty.

It is integral to note that there are some central vacuum parts that break more than others. If a unit refuses to go on after the switch has been put on, the central vacuum motor or the PC board is likely faulty. The Printed Circuit board or the PC is found in the unit housing 

The Printed Circuit Board ( PC) consists of the power unit relay that is connected to the high voltage currency and the motor. A short circuit will most likely disrupt the power flow and cause the entire suction system to shut down.

If the faulty part is the motor, then it will cost you more if you are to replace it. The Central vacuum motor accounts for about half the cost of central vacuum systems they provide suction power and are of unmatched quality. 

If you have no experience with any kinds of motors, it is not recommended to test the motor yourself. Look for a trustworthy handyman to check the fault or take it to a vacuum shop and have professionals have a look at it and diagnose the problem. 

If the motor is indeed the problem, you can easily have it replaced by opening the central vacuum unit and taking

Changing Old Central Vacuum Parts

There could be a possibility of other central vacuum parts being faulty such as central vacuum powerhead, central vacuum hose, and other individual parts. Usually, it is the powerhead and central vacuum hose that undergo the most wear and tear in the central vacuum system. They are often used and in the cleaning process, they smash and bump into walls and furniture. 

Think Vacuums Will Help

Replacing central vacuum partsWhen it comes to choosing the right parts for your broken vacuum, it can be a little confusing for a person without prior experience in vacuums. This is because there are numerous choices to decide on and some of these may not be the right choice. 

Some salesmen will not care to help you choose the right one as they are in the business to make money and will not necessarily care if they advise wrongly, or if you are stuck with parts that do not work. This is why we recommend that you get a handyman that is familiar with vacuum cleaners and their operations or alternatively check out Think Vacuums. 

We aim at giving our clients only the best. Our vacuum experts will guide you in choosing the best replacement for your broken parts and also recommend the most efficient vacuum cleaners for your specific home needs. 

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