What to Take from the Best Central Vacuum System Reviews

Best Central Vacuum System Reviews

Vacuuming is a job that we all wish we could avoid but cannot. It is troublesome, noisy, and expensive. If you have a portable vacuum cleaner, then you have to carry the heavy equipment in each room you clean. This is where the central vacuum system comes in and saves the day. It is a built-in vacuum that allows the entire process of vacuum to be easier and efficient.
Central Vacuum System Reviews Best With this, you don't have to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner from one room to the next. Instead, you only have to work with a long, lightweight tube. Receptacles are mounted on rooms and floors of the house, and you can attach the cleaning tube on them. Typically, the vacuum canister is situated in the garage or basement.

I have personally utilized a central vacuum system and absolutely loved how easy the whole process had become. If you are ready to invest in a central vacuum system for your home, then you have come to the correct place. In this guide, I am highlighting everything you require to know about the central vacuum system and discuss the top central vacuum system available.

In this section, I have tested and reviewed the best central vacuum system present in the market today. This section will enable you to get a deeper understanding of the products and make a better analysis.

Allegro Mu4500 Champion 

Allegro Mu 4500 Champion is one of the most robust central vacuum systems. The powerful motor of this machine is its unique selling point. It comes with tangential bypass design, allowing to produce powerful suction, irrespective of the water lift. The cleaning capacity of Mu 4500 is up to 6000 sq.ft. house.

It touts an all-steel building featuring a 5.7-inches fan system of two stages. Also, it comes with a water lift suction power of 104.8-inch and airflow of 124.1 CFM. Allegro has the collection size of 5-gallon.

The system comes with an electric home of 35-foot along with an electric carpet powerhead. The equipment also equips cleaning toolset, tool caddy, extension want, house cover, a garage kit, and dust mop.


  • Powerful Amp for powerful cleaning
  • Clean and cool operation
  • Different attachments and tool
  • strong all-steel building
  • Self-cleaning feature


  • Small coverage
  • Costly

Ultra Clean SC200

People often don't purchase the central vacuum system because of the heavy price tag associated with it. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an efficient and powerful central vacuum cleaner system, then Ultra Clean SC200 is the perfect choice for you.

It is especially a great choice if your house is measured around 75,000 sq.ft. The motor is powered by 13.8 amps, which are efficient enough to clean a medium-sized home. The equipment also features a decent 5.7" drive diameter.

The main highlight of Ultra Clean SC200 is its tangential bypass design, which makes its usage quite efficient and seamless. Also, it comes with a permanent microfiber filter, so you don't have to clean it often. Central Vacuum System


  • Lightweight
  • Crushproof
  • Affordable and effective
  • Versatile design
  • Easy to use


  • Fewer air watts
  • Not for bigger houses

PP500 PurePower System

If you have a small home to vacuum, then PP500 is a quality selection to consider. This central vacuum system holds the capacity to cover up to 4000 sq.ft. The disposable waste bag of this system can amass waste up to 6 gallons.

While it is less than other choices, you only have to empty the bag in six months. Also, it sports a sound suppression feature that reduces the noise up to 70 decimals. It features a wall rise, providing you safe mounting for many years. An extended tube features a switch that allows you to power on or off the system.


  • Ideal for small buildings
  • Decent noise suppression
  • Convenient collection bag
  • Secure mounting


  • Not for big homes
  • Clogs the filter

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