What Central Vacuum Brand Can You Trust?

Brand of central vacuum systems

With the advice of experts, selecting the best
vacuum cleaner should not be challenging

Are you wondering how to choose the best home vacuum? Without a doubt, a new central vacuum system is an investment worth making the right decision. Typically, vacuum systems are installed directly into your home, running from outlets in your walls to a central system in your garage or basement. They are designed to last for years with high-performing suction and power.

Here are some of the top best home vacuum brands for the central vacuum installation to get you started on your search.


Electrolux has been manufacturing canister vacuums for over 60 years. Notably, the company has converted that knowledge and expertise into its central vacuum systems. Most Electrolux models indicate maintenance requirements on an LCD screen, making staying on top of repairs easy and simple to notice. The newest models also feature exclusive self-cleaning filters to keep the central unit in excellent condition.


NuTone is a leading brand of in-home convenience products. Remarkably, the company is backed by years of experience in the industry and an informative technical support group. The brand’s latest models offer HEPA air filtration and internal sound suppression for ultimate convenience and cleanliness. NuTone also creates a range of vacuum accessories to make cleaning your home even easier.


The Honeywell brand of central vacuum systems includes a range of options to meet the needs of many home sizes. Most Honeywell models feature HEPA filters that never require to be replaced, making filtration and cleanliness priorities.


Durable vacuum systems

There are durable brand of central vacuum
systems in the market you can choose from

Purvac central vacuums have over two decades of experience in intense research and development to create high-performing and durable vacuum systems. Typically, they come at a higher cost, but for a good reason. Purvac makes some of the most durable and powerful central vacuum systems on the market today. The motors on Purvac models are also renowned for being among the quietest available.

Selecting the Right Central Vacuum System

Choosing the best home vacuum brand of central vacuum system you want to install at your home is a crucial step in the process. In addition to the ones we just mentioned, there are various other brands like Vacuflo, that sell high-quality central vacuum systems. It is prudent to carry out your research before buying. Consider the features each brand offers, its durability, and what past customer reviews about how well their systems are working for them.

Once you decide on a brand, make sure it offers a model that fits your particular needs, including the size of your home and any unique features you want to be included.

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